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Choosing a Stag Destination

Need help deciding where to go for a stag weekend? Well we’ve broken your top priorities when booking a stag weekend away into four simple categories: Click on a tab and we’ll give you the top 3 stag do destinations for that category.

Every city has more than one strength so if, for example, you’re looking for booze and birds then click on both and choose the ideal destination. Easy!

Need some inspiration for your stag do weekend? Check out some cool ideas about where to go and what to do!

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Whether it’s beer or clubs you want – check out the locations below:

Beer Lovers should check out:

1) Prague: Czechs consume more beer per capita than any European nation. So you can bet they know how to brew the stuff!

2) Budapest: While Hungary isn’t known as a beer country it does come top for places to drink. And there’s nothing like chilling out in one of Budapest’s ruin pubs with a nice cold one.

3) Hamburg: Germans both know how to make great beer and then serve it in style in both old traditional beer halls and hipsterish new venues.

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Who doesn’t want to save money? Well if you want cheap flights or cheap destinations then we can find the ideal city for you!

Want cheap flights? Then book tickets to…

1. Bratislava: with flights in the summer months as low as £40 return from London who could resist?

2. Amsterdam: Closeness and frequency of flights makes prices very competitive.

3. Berlin: If you book well in advance you can get flights for very reasonable prices.

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Like the idea of getting a natural buzz going? Pissup has a load of great activities – everything from shooting guns to swinging off bridges!

The top cities for adrenaline junkies are:

1. Prague: Czechs love their guns, and if you want live out your video game fantasies and shoot the AK-47 (and Uzi) then this is the city for you.

2. Bratislava: If you loved the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ then you should come here and try the bobsleigh activity – guaranteed fun to get your blood pumping!

3. Krakow: This city is packed full of hardcore activities including paintballing and whitewater rafting in an Olympic site.

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Birds, Birds, Birds


Whether you’re on a look don’t touch weekend or you’re looking to chat up some locals we have the right city for you!

Do you want to die and go to stripper heaven? Then head to…

1. Krakow: Gorgeous girls doing wild things on stripper poles you won’t see anywhere else!

2. Budapest: This city is packed with smoking hot talent in awesome VIP clubs. Fancy hiring a private boat filled with pornstars and glamour girls? Then try the Tit-anic.

3. Amsterdam: The Red Light district… we don’t need to say any more.

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Night Clubbers have to go to:

1. Amsterdam: Dance music capital where top DJs spin tunes in decadent clubs.

2. Berlin: Techno haven where the parties are off the hook!

3. Barcelona: This is a nightclub city, where locals roll up to the club at midnight and leave at 7am next day.

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Want to save while you party? Then we have the city for you…

1. Budapest: With beer costing as low as 88p a pint, you know why this city is the cheapest place for booze in Europe.

2. Bratislava: Although Slovakia is in the Euro prices for accommodation and alcohol are very reasonable.

3. Krakow: It has been described like Prague but cheaper -coming here is great value for money.

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