This is as close to the real thing you will get without actually signing up! Pissup has made an exclusive deal with the same facility where Hungarian Police, SWAT and Special Forces train to give you a taste of real action.

Your instructor, an EX- British Commando with years of real experience will train you in:

  • Firearms handling
  • Room clear
  • Hostage rescue scenarios
  • Repelling a lift shaft

You also get game play, real combat sound effects and more.

This is an experience that you will never forget and will be one of the highlights of your Budapest stag do

BOOK NOW - Limited spaces available!

Note: there will be around 1.5 hours training and 2 hours game play. You'll each get 1 beer at the end

After you've learned some of the skills of a true commando why not have a go at shooting some cool weapons? Book our Full Metal Jacket and see if you've got the skills of true marksman.