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Palinka Tasting in Budapest

What's Included
  • 4 rounds 2cl Shots of Palinka
  • Table reservation
  • Pissup Guide
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Do You Think You Can Handle A Palinka Tasting In Budapest?

Wine tasting? That's not for real men! Real men drink Palinka, especially when they arrive in the Hungarian capital on a stag do. Book today.

This fruit based brandy is Hungary's National drink, and even in its weaker form, it will still blow your socks off. After this tasting, don't be surprised if it's game over and time for bed! One of our guides will bring you to an excellent local bar, where your bachelor party will get you to try four different flavours and some water in between to stop the burning sensation in your throat and make sure you don't get too hammered.

What To Expect

One of our guides will meet you at either your hotel or another location in the city centre that suits both parties. From there, they'll take you to the Palinka tasting, where the fun begins.

All group members will get to sample four different types of Palinka. You're better off shooting them into you straight away instead of sipping because that stuff is insanely strong. Nothing you boys won't be able to handle, though.

After a wavy half an hour of boozing, you'll leave the bar and be free to continue the celebrations elsewhere. If you're feeling hungry and want to keep a drink, our burger and beer meal is an excellent option for you. We'll reserve you lads a table in an authentic American style sports bar for a good old sloppy burger, along with some beers to wash it all down. A proper boozy day out.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • It's a good idea to have some food before taking on the Palinka tasting drinking challenge because there's quite a bit of drinking involved.
  • There is a Palinka museum on site, but your booking doesn't include entry to it. You can gain access if you add it as an add on.
  • Four shots are included for each group member.
  • Transport to the Palinka bar isn't included.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • A guided tour of the Pálinka Museum with 1x2cl tasting.
  • Two shots of pálinka (2 cl).
  • A three course Hungarian meal.
  • The use of a pool table for 1 hour.
  • Added beers to enjoy for the group.

What can you add?

+Guided tour of the Pálinka Museum with 1x2cl tasting
+2 shots of pálinka (2 cl)
+3 course hungarian meal
+pool table for 1 hour
+beer (Pálinka Experience)
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