Budapest Stag Do

Budapest Stag Do

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Budapest Stag Do

(96) Popular Budapest Stag Do Activities

Popular Budapest Stag Do Packages

from £ 183 pp
Budapest Essential

Budapest Essential

  • 2 night(s) Vibrant Hostel in best location
  • Bar Guide & Nightclub Entry In Budapest
  • Stag Arrest Prank
  • 1 Hour Party River Cruise
from £ 340 pp
Budapest Solid

Budapest Solid

  • 2 night(s) Vibrant Hostel in best location
  • Party Bus
  • Nightclub Entry
  • VIP Nightclub entry with bottle service (MADAM Club)
  • Burger & Strip
  • GoKart in the city
  • AK-47 Shooting
from £ 223 pp
Budapest Fun

Budapest Fun

  • Nightclub Entry (Morrison's 2) with welcome shot + beer
  • Roly Poly Strip Show
  • Sexy Hitchhiker Airport Transfer
  • Dwarf Prank
  • Babes In Oil River Cruise
  • Indoor Paintball with Unlimited Bullets
  • Sexy Maid
from £ 453 pp
Budapest Full On

Budapest Full On

  • 2 night(s) Charming Hotel close to the Andrássy-Boulevard
  • Super Hummer (up to 22 ppl.)
  • Steak & Tits Lesbian Show
  • VIP Table with Bottle Service in Nightclub (Morrison's 2)
  • 1 Hour Party River Cruise
  • MT-LB Tank Drive & Ride
  • AK-47 Shooting
  • Airport Transfer Goodbye
  • Spa Detox in Buda #3 (Lukács)

Stag Friendly Central Accommodation in Budapest

Hostel 2*
image of Vibrant Hostel in best location

Vibrant Hostel in best location

4 Stars Luxury
image of Luxurious hotel in the centre of Budapest

Luxurious hotel in the centre of Budapest

Aparthotel 3*
image of Modern apartment in the heart of Budapest

Modern apartment in the heart of Budapest

2 Stars
image of Colorful Apartments around St Stephen’s Square

Colorful Apartments around St Stephen’s Square

3 Stars
image of Charming Hotel close to the Andrássy-Boulevard

Charming Hotel close to the Andrássy-Boulevard

Why Budapest is the perfect destination for your stag do

Best value for money stag destination

Best value for money stag destination

Party in uniquely stylish ruin pubs & clubs

Party in uniquely stylish ruin pubs & clubs

Meet the most beautiful women in Europe

Meet the most beautiful women in Europe

Stunning city with a legendary nightlife

Stunning city with a legendary nightlife

Budapest Stag Do

Rated "Excellent" with 4.89/5 Based on 799+ reviews.

Pissup is your local partner for EPIC Stag Do in Budapest since 2001. We propose +90 activities and are reviewed 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. Book now!

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30. June 2024

Google Translated We were on the Budapest trip with the events: car scrapping; boat trip; sports bar and pub crawl. It was a great event and a really motivated and friendly guide (thanks to Virág). We were pic

30. June 2024

Google Translated Thanks for the very good organisation and a big thank you to our guide, the young lady was great

27. June 2024

Google Translated A great experience! He loved it!

27. June 2024

Google Translated Perfect!

26. June 2024

Brillant time thanks

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Why Budapest Is an Ideal Destination for a Stag Do

Nicknamed the ‘Paris of the East’, Budapest actually consists of two separate cities that are separated by the beautiful ‘Blue Danube’. Similarly to Paris, the Hungarian capital boasts stunning architecture, tree lined boulevards and spectacular bridges.

We’ve been organising awesome stags in Budapest since 2004: So we are hands down one of the O.G. stag organisers in one of Europe's top party cities – Which has just awarded as one of the "European Best Destinations 2019".

Thankfully it also boasts beautiful women, award winning bars, world class nightclubs and a whole heap of activities that will keep your Budapest stag party occupied from dusk until dawn. Buda has a reputation for being a little more chilled than Pest, which is where all the hardcore party action takes place. Regardless of whether you stay in Buda or Pest, Pissup guarantees to organise an experience that will bring all of your mates together for an unforgettable time in Hungary’s biggest and best city.

Check out our amazing Budapest stag ideas, below...

Budapest Stag Do

Top 10 Activities to Do for Legendary Stag Do in Budapest

Infuse some excitement into your stag do in Budapest with these legendary activities!

Beer Bus

A boozy bus ride, anyone? Roll around the heart of Budapest on an open-top bus to catch a glimpse of the city's highlights, like the Hungarian Parliament Building and St. Stephen's Basilica, with an intoxicating twist. While you lads soak up the sights, you'll also get to sip as many beers as you like for a whole 60 minutes!

Bar Crawl

The name says it all! Put yourselves through four hours of pure carnage on our crazy bar crawl in Budapest. Take a break from the tourist hot spots and get messed up at some of the city's notorious ruin bars frequented by Budapestians with the help of one of our local guides.

Mud Wrestling

It's time to get messy, VERY messy. While some stag parties are about humiliation for the groom-to-be, this one is a gift from the heavens with two smoking-hot Hungarian lesbians and a swamp of mud. Think WWE-style wrestling, only the groom takes on two girls he'd only get close to in his wildest dreams, covered in mud, head to toe.

AK-47 Shooting

You've grown up playing Call of Duty and watching action-packed Rambo movies; now, you can put your skills to the test with our AK-47 Shooting experience. Test out three high-powered weapons: the Ruger Mark IV, Glock 17 and the monstrous AK-47. Practice your aim, blast the targets, and let's see who the real sharpshooter in your group is.

Fake Arrest

Your stag is under arrest in a way he's always dreamed of. What may look like a serious ordeal from the outset will turn into one big erotic show with the 'police officer' arresting the groom for a false accusation. What's the punishment, you might ask? It's a filthy strip show from the officer to make sure he never breaks the rules again.

Tank Drive

Throw yourselves into a real-life war zone with our tank drive experience. Pull up a seat in an MT-LB Cold War-style military vehicle and roll through the battlefield to scout out enemy lines. You'll get to enjoy four trips around the conflict zone with the assistance of one of our tank drivers. Don't forget to wear your helmets, or else you could be added to the list of casualties.

Booze Cruise

Set sail on a tipsy journey with Pissup's booze cruise. Eighty-five minutes of unlimited alcohol, a group of lads on the Danube; what could go wrong? Relish your own private bar with house wines, draught beer, and champagne (sweet and dry), all included, while your captain takes you to see some of the city's top attractions like the House of Parliament, Gellért Hill, and the Castle District.


Two teams, 120 minutes, high-powered guns and 200 bullets per person, get set for the paintball field. Set on a site that was once an army base, we've designed this activity so players feel like they are in a real-life war zone with trenches, abandoned buildings, and intimidating forests. Only the toughest will survive with games you see in your favourite video games, such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Castle.

Quad Cross Country

Have a blast with some toys for big boys on our quad cross-country day out. Take on the hills of the Hungarian hinterlands on a mighty four-wheeler while the dirt slaps you in the face. Follow your guide over rugged hills and through expansive green fields at high speeds that are sure to give you an adrenaline buzz like you've never experienced before.

Spa Bath Party

Who decided that spas are just for relaxation? Well, that certainly isn't the case at Sparty, Budapest's world-famous outdoor thermal bath party. Get wet and wild and let loose at Széchenyi Baths, transforming into an electronic music wonderland every Saturday night from February until December. Just don't forget your swimming trunks!

Nightlife Evening Activities for Your Stag Do in Budapest

You should know well by now that much of Budapest's stag do reputation comes from its exciting nightlife scene. It has all the ingredients for a messy weekend: world-class bars, lively nightlife districts, and elite clubs; no matter the night of the week you go out, you better buckle up for a night of mayhem.

Bars & Bar Crawls

Budapest Ruin Pub STOCK

Budapest's bars are usually where every good night (or day) kicks off. The infamous ruin bars must be on every stag do itinerary. These quirky-style pubs are set inside abandoned buildings across Budapest's Jewish District, with funky ornaments setting each one apart; from bathtubs to full-sized cars, it's an experience you don't want to miss out on.

Szimpla Kert is arguably Budapest's most famous ruin bar, and for a good reason; it features nine bars in total, which are spread across two floors, an absolute playground for stag parties like yours. Another honourable mention is the great Instant & Fogas Ház, with different themed bars offering something for everyone; Unterwelt is where you go to dance, Robot is for the rockers out there and the rooftop spot Liebling is always open if you need a break.

It can be a bit of a challenge figuring out which of the ruin bars to spend your time in, so if you want to cut that stress out, you can join one of our pub crawls. We'll take you to all the best spots to enjoy your nightlife.

Best Districts for Nightlife

There's no hiding that Budapest is great by day, but when night falls, it's when the real fun happens. While you can party in just about any corner of the city, much of the city's best nightlife revolves around two main districts, Districts 6 and 7. They're right beside each other, so you'll have easy access regardless of where you kick things off. Let's have a look at them.

District 6

Hailed as Budapest's Champs-Élysées, District 6 may be a little smaller than its counterpart, District 7, but it's where Friday nights start for most Budapestians. We always say District 6 is the perfect place to get a little tipsy before the main event. It's a buzzing little area with quirky cocktail bars like ShowRum Spirit Bar, local boozers such as Pótkulcs, and foreign favourites, including Becketts Irish Bar & Restaurant.

District 7

District 7 is where much of the partying happens in Budapest. It's home to the city's ruins bars, including the famous Szimpla Kert and bouncing clubs like Doboz. Once you find yourselves down here, it's every man for themselves; no stag party leaves District 7 alive.

Best Clubs to Enjoy Your Stag Party

Party in Budapest

Enough of the sitting around, lads; it's time to dance, and boy, do you have a lot of options? Instant-Fogas dominates the city's club scene. It features 17 bars and seven floors playing the latest tunes from all .genres, from techno to R&B. Plus, entry is completely free!

For something more unique, you can't go wrong with A38, a boat on the Danube transformed into a club that doesn't move. Picture yourselves partying on Europe's most famous river with a clear view of the stunning Hungarian Parliament.

We couldn't talk about the clubs in Budapest and not give Morrisons 2 a mention. Cheap beers, beer pong tables everywhere, rowdy as ever and great tunes all through the night; you're always guaranteed a fun night here.

If you really want to get to know the nightlife scene in Budapest, consider booking our nightclub entry activity. Wave past the losers lining up as you skip the line into one of the city’s hottest clubs and dance the night away with a welcome shot included for each person.

Sexy / X-Rated

Looking to gift your stag with some erotic fun before he hangs up his boots? These kinky surprises are sure to excite him. Enjoy your nights worry-free. We exclusively partner with vetted and secure strip clubs to provide you with an unforgettable and safe experience.

Strip Club

A strip club visit is one non-negotiable for every bachelor party. Imagine your whole group huddled around a stage, drinks in hand and watching some of the sexiest Hungarian chicks slowly undress as they tease the life out of you. It's all included in this package!

Dominatrix Strip Show

Has someone been a naughty boy? Well, this is your chance to punish him. Unleash our Hungarian dominatrix on him to teach him a lesson that he'll never break the rules again. You, lads, will get to watch our smoking-hot, overpowering performer make a show out of your mate while you all get a great laugh out of it. Who knows, he might enjoy it.

Steak & Tits

A juicy steak and two busty babes; it's his soon-to-be wife's worst nightmare and his greatest fantasy. Here, you gents will sit down for a delicious steak meal with some ice-cold beers, and there's some dessert on the menu, but for only one man: two big-breasted beauties, he'd only have a chance within his wildest dreams. They'll give him a 15-minute performance he'll never forget.

Things to Do During Your Stag Weekend in Budapest

During your downtime throughout your stag weekend in Budapest, you might want to do some sightseeing. Here are some sights you don't want to miss:

Parliament Building

Soak up one of the finest examples of neo-Gothic architecture at Budapest's Parliament Building. Set along the Danube, it's the site of the country's legislature and Holy Crown. Tours can be taken of the inside, where you can marvel at the 691 stunning rooms like the Congress Hall and learn all about the history.

House of Terror

Discover the crimes of the Communist Secret Police through the House of Terror, a four-floor exhibition about Hungary's past fascist regime and the effect they had on society. The building where the museum is set was actually the old base Communist Secret Police, where they committed some of the most disgusting crimes known to man.

Shoes on the Banks of the Danube

Stop by the memorial for the 3500 people who were shot by Hungary's Fascist Arrow Cross Party Police. What may look like a line of shoes from afar, the meaning behind them is much darker than what meets the eye. Between 1944 and 1945, the Arrow Cross Party unleashed a reign of tyranny on the city, indiscriminately murdering Jews. The shoes you see at the site were the type they wore back then. The police would force the people to remove them before murdering them. This memorial is a stark reminder of the atrocity.

Fisherman's Bastion

Catch the best view in Budapest at the fabulous Fisherman's Bastion. These incredible viewing towers were built between 1895 and 1902 as part of renovations to Buda Castle. Compared to other neo-Gothic structures in the city, the Fisherman's Bastion is much more modern, but that doesn't take anything from its beauty. While the towers are impressive, the main draw here is the panorama you'll get of Budapest city centre. You better get your camera ready because it's a good one; trust us.

Advice to Get around Budapest

Get yourself up to date with all the essential information you need to get around Budapest before you arrive.


The currency used in Budapest and throughout Hungary is the Forint (HUF). You'll find many currency exchange offices throughout the city where you can exchange your home currency for Forints. Debit and credit cards are accepted at most establishments in Budapest, but it's always good to have some local currency on hand, just in case.


Budapest's local language is Hungarian, and 98% of the population speaks It. However, many people know how to speak English, especially the younger generation, who work in most bars and clubs, so you won't have any problems getting by.

Stay Safe

Budapest is a safe city, but tourists are the most vulnerable because they're unfamiliar with the surroundings. To protect yourselves from any unwanted trouble, follow these tips:

  • Bring a spare debit/credit card with you.
  • Only take out the amount of cash you need.
  • Don't walk home alone drunk in the dark.
  • Always have some battery on your phone.
  • Write down the name of your hotel so you can get home even if you're blackout drunk.

    Public transport

    Budapest's public transport is exceptional. Tram, bus, and metro services are available at low prices, connecting all corners of the city. The Budapest metro system has four lines: yellow, red, blue, and green, all of which go to different parts of the city. Tickets can be purchased at machines in any metro station.

Budapest's bus system has over 200 lines with blue and red buses. The red buses only operate in Pest, whereas the blue buses cover the whole city. You can buy a ticket from the driver when you board the bus, or some bus stops have machines where you can buy them too.

Trams are also another popular transport option in Budapest. There are more than 40 lines in the city, and a couple of them go through the main centre. Similar to the other options, tickets are available to purchase at any vending machine at the stops.

A single transport ticket in Budapest costs 350 HUF (£0.77); this can be used on all modes, but it only covers you for one journey. If you plan on using public transport for the entire day, we recommend you buy a 24-hour travel card for 2500 HUF (£5.47), as it's much better than constantly buying single tickets.


Taxis are readily available across Budapest. They run on taxi meters, which allows you to monitor the price without getting ripped off. If a driver refuses to use the taxi meter, get out and wait for the next one, as they could try to overcharge you. The base fare for a taxi in Budapest is 1000 HUF (£2.19) and an extra 400 HUF (£0.87) per kilometer (June 2024).

A great alternative to taxis is ridesharing applications like Bolt and Uber. These are usually much cheaper than taking a taxi. The fares are fixed, and you'll see the price before you accept it, so you'll know if it's worth taking or not.

Our Tips for the Perfect Stag Weekend in Budapest

Planning a Budapest stag can be incredibly stressful, so why not take a look at our activity packages and let us do the hard part for you?

Small Budgets

If you're on a tight budget, the Budapest Fun package will be an excellent choice for your bachelor party. Day 1 of the bachelor party starts with an airport transfer featuring a surprise stripper hitchhiker, followed by an evening visit from an XXL lady targeting the groom and a wild night at Morrisons 2 with welcome drinks. Day 2 begins with a sexy maid wake-up call for the groom, a thrilling paintball session, and a private river cruise with two seductive women. The day ends with a humorous dwarf prank where the groom is handcuffed to a mischievous dwarf for an hour.

Large Groups

Keeping everyone together in a large group at a stag party is a nightmare, so to combat these challenges, we've designed our Essential Package catered towards bigger parties. Day 1 of your Budapest adventure starts with a guided tour of the city's best bars, featuring strong Pálinka and cold beers, culminating in a night at a top club with included entry. On Day 2, enjoy an evening cruise on the Danube with unlimited beer, wine, and a strong shot, topped off with a stag arrest prank where the groom is playfully "arrested" by a mischievous officer.


You only have your stag party once, so you may as well do it right; that's what our Budapest Full On package is for. Day 1 kicks off with a VIP super hummer ride from Budapest Airport for up to 22 people, followed by a visit to a top steakhouse featuring a lesbian strip show for the groom. Day 2 starts with AK-47 shooting and a thrilling ride in an MT-LB tank, then transitions to a Danube river cruise with unlimited drinks and ends with a VIP table and bottle service at Morrisons 2. On Day 3, detox at a rejuvenating spa in Buda before your airport transfer and farewell to the Pissup team.

Our Guide to Organise Epic Stag Do in Budapest FAQ

Is Budapest Safe for a Stag Do?

Yes, Budapest is safe for a stag do and all other kinds of trips. While petty crime happens occasionally, it can easily be avoided with the right safety precautions. Do the right things: Always walk in a group, don't carry large sums of money around, and don't look for trouble. If you follow these simple rules, you'll have a safe trip.

What Are the Best Times of Year to Organise a Stag Do in Budapest?

You can have a stag do in Budapest at any time of the year. However, the preferred time is between September and November; this is when the main tourism season has died down, so everything is much cheaper, like accommodation and flights. The only downside to this period is the weather may not be great, but who cares since you'll be in the pub most of the time, right?

What Activities Do You Recommend in Budapest if It Rains During the Stag Do?

The weather in Budapest can be unpredictable at the best of times. If you happen to be in the city when it rains, you can go for a game of bubble football, take part in a Pálinka tasting or go axe throwing. The options are endless.

What Are the Best Neighbourhoods for Going Out in Budapest?

Districts 6 and 7 are the main neighbourhoods for going out in Budapest. Most stag parties will start their night out in District 6, as it tends to be a little less rowdy, and then fall over to District 7 when they're ready to get wasted. The two neighbourhoods are right beside each other, so you can easily walk between the two without having to organise transport.

What Are the Best Places to Stay at Budapest?

Where you'll stay in Budapest will depend on your tastes and budget. District 5 is the most convenient option since it's close to everything. Many of the main attractions are nearby, like the Parliament Building and St. Stephen's Basilica. However, the price of accommodation here can be expensive, so it's not recommended if you're on a tight budget. There are always affordable deals on accommodation in District 6; it's more local than some of the other options, so the demand tends to be lower. Staying here will set you up nicely for enjoying the city's nightlife and some key attractions too, like the Terror Museum and the Opera House. If you want to be close to all the action, District 7 is a no-brainer. You'll have all the ruin bars on your doorstep, and plenty of places to eat are open until late. Once you have beer and food, what else do you need?

How to Get Cheap Prices for My Stag Weekend in Budapest Far in Advance?

The best way of getting a cheap price for your stag weekend is by booking in advance. You won't be competing with other customers for availability, especially during the high season, so you can pick up affordable deals. If you have some idea of when you're hosting your stag do and would like to start putting the plans in place, you can contact our team today, and we can help you design an itinerary to suit your needs.

Should I Book Activities for a Stag Do in Budapest?

You know what they say, it's not stag do without activities. They bring your entire group together with one common goal: humiliate the stag as much as possible before he sails off into the sunset with his wife. Of course, you don't have to embarrass the stag if you don't want to; the activities can be just for adding some structure to the weekend, so it keeps the group together for a certain period. Because, let's be honest, by the end of it, you won't want to see each other for months.

What Budget per Person Should Be Planned for a Stag Do in Budapest?

Planning a budget per person will depend on your plans for the stag do. If you're doing some activities, you should set aside £100 to £200 for each participant, and then they should factor in their spending money when they arrive in Budapest. Suppose you weren't doing any activities and planning everything by yourselves. Well, then, it would be a personal choice based on each individual's spending habits.

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