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Why Budapest is the perfect destination for your stag do

Party in an insane and unique nightlife scene

Party in an insane and unique nightlife scene

Chill at plenty of green spots all over the city

Chill at plenty of green spots all over the city

Discover great historical sights in a vibrant capital city

Discover great historical sights in a vibrant capital city

Explore the Berlin alternative lifestyle

Explore the Berlin alternative lifestyle

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Berlin City Guide for Stag Weekends

berlin city guide - pissup

Berlin is a city where East meets West in a wild cross-culture of just about everything: old, new, war-torn, rebuilt, past, present, future. The German capital is home to 3.5 million people and a further 11.5 million tourists. Considering it is one of the most popular and exciting cities in Europe, a Berlin stag do is surprisingly cheap and the average price of a beer is as low as €2.80.

Berlin is rich in history and famous landmarks that symbolise its remarkable past can be found throughout the city. Berlin’s most famous icon, the Brandenburg Gate is built on the site of a former city gate and marks the entry to Unter den Linden, the renowned boulevard of linden trees, which formerly led directly to the city palace. The city was divided for nearly thirty years following the Second World War and the subsequent decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall have seen it flourish into a buzzing metropolis, rich in artistic and cultural experimentation.

Flying to Berlin

berlin stag flights

Getting to the German capital is cheap and effortless. The 2 hour flight from London Gatwick can be booked for as little as £64 with Easyjet in the summer months. Ryanair offer similar prices but depart from Stansted. There are flights from all over the UK, including regional airports such as Birmingham and Nottingham. So what are you waiting for? Berlin's calling!!

Weather-wise, Berlin is likely to be a similar to than any city southern in England during the Summer months - with highs of 23 degrees in July and August. However the average temperature is higher that London, so you should expect more consistent good weather.

Berlin in Buzzin'!

 Berlin Nightlife scene - tips and advice! - Pissup

If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Berlin is its estranged, party addicted, cool, European insomniac cousin who is literally up raving and misbehaving all night! The party scene here really does cater for all budgets, tastes and age groups and it’s not just at the weekend where the party pumps, it’s practically 24/7. So for you party animals, a Berlin stag do & its nightlife is an absolute must!

The birthplace of techno, Berlin is currently the clubbing capital of the world. Notorious clubbing meccas such as Watergate, Tresor and Berghain are situated in the Friedrichshain area and housed in dark and derelict industrial factories. These superclubs attract world class DJs every week, however be warned that they are not for the faint-hearted and you are best advised to split up into smaller groups in order to gain entry.

However, if you want to start off small on your stag party in Berlin there are other more low key venues. Check out the nightclubs and bars in the same area and in nearby Potsdamer Platz. If you feel spoilt for choice, or if you want insider knowledge on the best nightspots, then book a Bar Crawl & Nightclub Entry with us. We'll make sure you avoid any dives with expensive drinks, and take you to the places where the party is really happening!

But what about the sexy ladies of Berlin? Well we’ve got that covered too: you can combine a Bar Crawl with strip club entry. Berlin was famous as a pre-war city of sin, but it has kept up that reputation in modern times with hundreds of a strip clubs and erotic venues. So you’d be mad not to take advantage on your lads weekend away. But don’t end up in a dodgy strip joint - let us take you to a safe, fun and welcoming venue where you won’t be ripped off!

Insanely fun Stag activities in Berlin

shooting guns in berlin - pissup stag

There's so much insane fun activities you can do on your Berlin stag weekend. We have all the best stag do activities from classics such as go-karting to shooting with AK-47s. UK gun laws being as strict as they are, you'll never get to try shooting these Hollywood action movie weapons at home - that's why booking a session at the gun range is a must on your stag weekend in Berlin.

Berlin also has a lot of insane such as House Running. If you like the idea of abseiling off a tall building in the middle of the Berlin it - i.e. if you're a bit loco - then you'll enjoy this! 

A Berlin Stag Do is the ideal opportunity to get in touch with your wild side, and relive your boyhood fascination with guns, cars and flying machines!

Indulge your need for speed in Berlin!

riding tanks in Berlin on a stag do weekend!Love fast cars and flying machines? Berlin Stag Weekend is the thing for you! If you want a World War 2, Cold War themed lads weekend then this city has plenty to offer. On our Berlin Tank Driving activity you can indulge in all your boyhood war hero fantasies. You and the lads will get a chance to both ride in and drive a military vehicle. This include both Russian and German fighting vehicles. If you don’t trust your mates driving skills then you can hop in a vehicle with a pro, who’ll seriously put the pedal to the medal. This activity is highly recommended, and the photo opportunities will be awesome!

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about that classic stag do driving activity: Indoor Go-Karting. This is great if you love a bit of competition and want to prove that driving skills could be formula 1 level!

Chill with Beers & Bratwurst in Berlin

Beer and sightseeing combined - on a Pissup stag do weekend

If you seek something of a slower tempo, then Berlin has a large number of beer gardens found in some very picturesque locations. Germany is known to produce some of the best beers in the world at very acceptable prices. Brands such as Oettinger, Bitburger and Erdinger can be found in gorgeously green locations such as Cafe am Neuen See situated in the heart of the Tiergarten. These provide the perfect locations to soak up the sun, grab some local nosh and discuss what carnage awaits the stag that evening. 

If the weather is as gloomy as an England in a penalty shootout, then Berlin has countless beer halls in which to seek shelter. Traditional German boozers such as Brauhaus Mitte and Hofbräuhaus München Berlin are located in the Alexanderplatz area and resemble a miniature Oktoberfest.

But if you're on a stag weekend in Berlin you should take advantage of being in the German capital to soak up its rich history, and attractive sites such as the Brandenburg Gate. Of course if you're on a two night bender time will be of the essence. If you want to see some sights, without doing any "exercise" then we can take you on a Beer Coach tour, on a horse drawn carriage - includes a beer and a shot!

Whatever you choose we're sure you'll have a smashing (or very smashed) time in Berlin, where there are infinite things to do on a stag weekend! Check out more fun & insane Berlin activities here.

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