from: £151

Beers, Babes & Bullets

The Holy Trinity of stag weekends: Beer, Babes & Bullets! Our experience has taught us these are the vital basic ingredients for a memorable stag weekend, though not in the...
from: £67

Basic Bratislava Stag

Times might be hard, but that is no reason to not have a stag weekend in Bratislava that will not be forgotten. Or maybe it will? Depends on how much...
from: £276

Totally Slovakered

What do the die-hards go when they think they've done it all? Well Totally Slovakered is pretty extreme. More partying, more A, T and F. Most groups don't sleep all...
from: £112

Formula 1 karting

Something special for Bratislava, super power karts with Formula 1 track features. You can do this together as a group subject to availability of go-karts.