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Vienna Stag Do

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Vienna Stag Do

(42) Popular Vienna Stag Do Activities

Why Vienna is the perfect destination for your stag do

Party in a buzzing nightlife with great bars & clubs

Party in a buzzing nightlife with great bars & clubs

Chill at plenty of green spots all over the city

Chill at plenty of green spots all over the city

Lots of great activities

Lots of great activities

Enjoy original Viennese Ottakringer beer

Enjoy original Viennese Ottakringer beer

Vienna Stag Do

Rated "Excellent" with 4.4/5 Based on 5+ reviews.

Come enjoy a wild stag do in Austria's capital of Vienna. We offer an abundance of exciting activities that the groom-to-be will enjoy.

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16. May 2024

We had a good time doing the 2 activities. We had to arrange this at short notice as our destination was only revealed 2 weeks before we travelled (we were on a mystery football trip from the UK through another agency). Yael was helpful in arranging activities for us, but opportunities in Vienna were limited at short notice.

The beer bike in the Prater park was great fun, the best location for a beer bike I've been on.

The bubble football was enjoyable, and the Donau SportsCity facility was great. The lady who took our session did not seem too enthusiastic to be there. A bit more enthusiasm would have added to our experience.

16. May 2024

The Beer Bike was great. Really fun, our driver was very friendly. would definitely recommend to any group wanting to have a laugh.

15. August 2023

Google Translated Everything is great thank you

17. April 2023

Google Translated Everything works great

19. June 2023

We've been featured worldwide for our Stags

mentioned in FHM mentioned in RTL seen on BBC featured in the new york times articles in the sun featured in loaded magazine

Vienna City Guide For Stag Weekends

Vienna is considered more of a luxurious bachelor party destination than its cheaper competitor Budapest. Still, it's equally exciting with its vibrant clubbing scene, thrilling daytime activities, and high-quality standard of accommodation. Undoubtedly, the Austrian capital is fast becoming one of the leading stag do locations in Europe.

Fiaker in Vienna

The Ultimate Travel Guide For A Stag Party In Vienna

Stag parties are all about dabbling in drunken antics, chatting up gorgeous women you'll never have a chance with, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Vienna is the perfect place to do this. Dance the night away in underground parties by Gürtel while chancing your arm with sexy locals.

You never hear much about Vienna's nightlife scene simply because other European cities often overshadow it. Let us tell you, you're in for a hectic time. Sample some tasty Austrian beer by Karlplatz, the city's main square home to a plethora of bustling bars like Cafe Heuer. Once darkness begins to creep in, take things up a notch at If Dogs Run Free Bar, known for their delicious but oh-so-strong cocktails. Every night at a bachelor party should always end in a nightclub, so we have something special for you. Flex is one of the biggest European clubs; there, you'll find a wide range of tunes for you lads to dance to while you get absolutely slaughtered.

Karlsplatz in Vienna

Have you heard of Vienna's infamous Bermuda triangle? It's a neighbourhood in the capital that got its name from the number of people who went missing after partying hard all night. Most of them woke up the following not having a clue what happened. After hearing that story, one or two people in your group might spring to mind.

Austria is well known for its huge beer culture, and Vienna is no exception. Austrian beer is some of the tastiest in the world. It's a country with over 300 breweries that brew over 1000 types of beer, so there is plenty of variety for you lads when you arrive. Gösser, Ottakringer, and Stiegl are some of the most-drank beers in Austria. It would be a crime to visit Vienna and not try some of these bad boys. If you would like to sample something a bit more local, make a day trip to the local Ottakringer brewery that has been filling up local Wiener's pint glasses since 1837.

View from Stephansdom in Vienna

You may be at a bachelorette party in Vienna, and wine is more your thing. Well, you're in for a fun time, ladies, because the wine scene in Vienna is incredible. It dates all the way back to the Middle Ages, when each district in the city had its own vineyard. Fast forward to 2023, Viennese wine is considered a connoisseur favourite around the globe, and the capital now has over 630 wine producers. Take a guided tour of one of the many wineries like the Cobenzl Vineyards, where you'll get to see what wine pressing looks like with your own eyes and sip on six aromatic wines.

Vienna isn't all about drinking. The city has a rich history and is the number one place in the country to experience Austrian culture. Stop by the breathtaking Schönbrunn Palace, which was built in the 1600s and still holds significant importance among Austrians. The impressive building can be admired from the outside free of charge, or you can buy a ticket online to take a tour of the inside. A visit to Vienna wouldn't be complete without stopping by the Monolithic St. Stephen's Cathedral, which scrapes the sky over Stephensplatz. Have a peak of the inside and admire the charming Gothic designs; get close to one of the 18 alters and make it your mission to see the ancient catacombs. You can't go to Vienna without seeing an evening opera show. It may not be the same as going on one of our lively pub crawls, but it's a way to see how the locals spend their downtime. The Vienna State Opera House in the Innere Stadt district boasts a Neo-Renaissance style interior and hosts many entertaining live opera performances throughout the year. If you're lucky enough to be in the city when one is being held, your group needs to check it out (If it's something your stag is interested in, of course).

As you can see, Vienna has all the ingredients to hold the bachelor party of the century. And we have yet to begin to tell you how we can make it even better. Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable lads' trip.

The Best Ways To Get To Vienna For A Stag Holiday

Vienna is located in the heart of Europe, so to say it's well-connected would be an understatement. Here are the most efficient ways you get to the city with little to no stress.

Car - If you're based on the mainland of Europe, it's easy for you to get to Vienna by car. For example, Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is an hour's drive away, and Munich is just under five hours away. Driving gives you and your pals the flexibility to be able to go wherever you like during the daytime before you party all night long. One downside to bringing your own vehicle is that parking prices in the city are pretty high. Since March 2022, the government has introduced a fee-based short-term parking zone regulation in force all over the city centre, so it would be hard to avoid. One way to get around this is by booking a hotel with free parking, so you don't have to spend a penny.

Vienna Trainstation

Train - Vienna is well connected to many other European capitals, and what better way to get there than by taking a train (the scenic route)? Trains to the Austrian capital are incredibly fast and efficient and sometimes cheap. The Deutsche Europe Saver fare from Munich to Vienna will only set you back 24 euros, and if you were to come from Hamburg, prices start from 37.90 euros. We recommend purchasing your train tickets as soon as you know when you will be travelling to Vienna for a lads' stag weekend because seats on the train sell out quickly.

Bus - A longer alternative, but usually even cheaper than trains, are buses. There are many companies that provide comfortable direct routes to Vienna from cities all over Europe. FlixBus is the most popular, offering affordable fares from Cologne for 27.99 euros and Prague for 22.99 euros.

Plane - Maybe your hometown isn't as close to Vienna, and you need to fly. That's okay Vienna's international airport is a hub for Austrian Airlines and some low-cost carriers, including Ryanair and Wizz. There are hundreds of flights into the city daily, and some great deals with the airlines we mentioned above. Using tools like Skyscanner and Google flights will be able to find you the cheapest way to get to Vienna safely.

The Best Accommodation For Stags In Vienna

You won't struggle to find accommodation when you're in Vienna. The metropolis is built for tourists catering to millions of visitors from all over the planet every year. In 2019, Vienna was voted one of the most popular cities in the world. With all of these people arriving, many accommodation options have been made available, including luxurious hotels, spacious apartments to fit your whole group, and party hostels; there's something for everyone.

Vienna State Opera at night

Searching for a place to stay can be difficult when you're planning it for a group. If you're struggling, we'll be able to help you out. Pissup has a number of partnerships with hotels, hostels, and other private accommodation owners. You just have to let us know your dates, budget, and numbers, and we'll do the hard work for you. All our partner's properties are in Vienna's city centre, so you'll be only a short walk away from everything you need to have the best party trip. Every property has strict cleanliness and security measures in place so that you won't be walking into a mess. Since we work with these providers on a regular basis, they understand the groups that we organize to stay there are stag parties, so it will be more relaxed than other places. The likelihood of anyone getting in trouble will be reduced. That doesn't mean you have to go bonkers and destroy the place. Respect the property and those who live in the area at all times. That's all we ask.

During The Day: Experience Vienna On A Bachelor Party

Beer Bike Pilsen (4)

Take a ride on a beer bike - See Vienna's main attractions by cycling your way around the city on our beer bike. Everyone must find themselves a seat and pedal as fast as possible as a team to get as much sightseeing in before time runs out. We know cycling can tire the life out of you, so to keep your energy levels high, there will be 20 litres of delicious Austrian beer on board just so nobody ends up getting too dehydrated.

Join a brewery tour - Learn all there is to know about the process of brewing beer through this exciting and informative 90 minute brewery tour. Discover the history of Austria's favourite drink and find out all about the brewer's secrets. Afterward, there will be an opportunity for your bachelor party to get to sample some for yourselves, from strong ales to light session beers.

Race each other in go-karting - Head over to Vienna's thrilling indoor 4000 m2 go-kart arena with two levels and a dark tunnel with a massive incline and a nailbiting 205-degree extreme curve. Zoom around the course for 30 minutes as fast as you can, competing for the gold medal. Let's see who has the real need for speed out your group.

Nightlife: Where The Real Mischief Happens At Every Stag Party In Vienna

Prater at Night

Vienna's nightlife scene knocks it out of the park when it comes to stag dos. Exploding with energy and flamboyance and catering to an array of different tastes, you're in for a good time. You could start the night in a fancy cocktail bar sipping tequila-infused margaritas and end it at a dance party in an old incineration plant. It's no joke. The Austrians love to party hard.

When the weather is nice in the summer, all of the action happens down by the Danube Canal. The outdoor areas of the trendy bars down there are filled to the brim with people. Sometimes you won't be able to get a seat. Check out venues like Tel Aviv Beach and Istro's Rooftop Bar + Terrace for a fun time. Bars like First Floor and TOGA are ones to check out in Vienna's nightlife district Schwedenplatz (the Bermuda Triangle, as we mentioned above). This is the part of the city where most people will end their night. It's centrally located, so you'll only be a short drunken walk back to your hotel. If you're stuck trying to decide where to go, join one of our pub crawls. Follow our experienced guide around the city to the best bars over a couple of hours. A messy but fun night to remember.

Every Bachelor Group Should Visit These 6 Bars, Dance Cafés, And Clubs When In Vienna

Flex - Established in the 90s, Flex is situated in an old subway shaft along the Danube Canal and is a venue every group of lads goes to when in Vienna. If you and the boys are fans of techno, this spot will be right up your alleyway. When the crowds get too much, you can head outside and finish your beers while sitting along the Danube watching the sun come up early in the morning.

Krypt - This hidden trendy bar could be classified as a speakeasy. It used to be a prohibited jazz bar during the 1950s and has remained alive ever since then. Enjoy some crafty drinks like the "Floating On Clouds" while listening to some authentic jazz music before hitting the club later that night.

O Club - If you're in search of a more sophisticated clubbing experience, check out Club O. It's a venue that specializes in electronic music, hosting a number of well-known DJs throughout the year. Saturdays are "super disco" nights where songs from that time are played all night long. You better bring your dancing shoes because things are going to get groovy.

Club Heidi - Dance the night away with the boys at a chalet located on Ringstrasse boulevard. Decorated with alpine elements and offers party lovers an apres-ski experience in the centre of Vienna. Why hit the slopes for a dance when you can have it right in the heart of Vienna?

Kleinod - Most cocktail bars usually have an unwritten rule that dancing shouldn't happen; well, that rule isn't in place at Kleinod. While the dance floor isn't huge, it's still an area where you gents can move your hips with a Tom Collins in hand. Kleinod's menu has 29 carefully selected drinks for you to choose from. Be sure to go easy on them, though. They're known for their big pours.

Inc Hip Hop Club - Last but not least, we have to mention Inc. It's a hip-hop club that plays a blend between German and USA rap as well as some R&B thrown in there too. The club's interior is one of a living room with comfortable couches, shiny chandeliers, and cool graffiti designs. It's well worth a look if you're tired of the boom, boom from the techno music.

Things You Need To Do When Visiting Vienna

Drive a motorboat on the Danube - Has your stag always dreamt about driving a motorboat? Now's his chance to do it. Learn from a professional all about controlling one of these high-speed vehicles on water. Familiarize the controls, understand safety, and gain an understanding of how to anticipate other boats. Once the trainer knows the groom to be is comfortable, it's his turn to show him what he's made of for 40 minutes. It's all up to him. He's the captain now!

Discover Vienna's coffee scene - Nothing wakes you up more after a night on the beer than a warm cup of java. Vienna is well known as one of the best destinations for coffee. Elegant coffeehouses sit on every corner, waiting for passers-by to come in and purchase themselves a cuppa. These establishments aren't just like any coffeeshops. They scream opulence and offer visitors memorable encounters that will stay with them for a long time. Cafe Central is a popular coffeehouse among locals and tourists for serving the finest espressos and sweet treats. If you manage to get past the long line that, more often than not, out the door, you'll realise why this place is often called a palace.

Prater in Vienna

Ride a giant Ferris wheel

See Vienna from a whole different perspective on the Ferris wheel in Prater. Standing at roughly 65 metres tall, it gives you an awe-inspiring bird's eye view of the Austrian capital and gives you a little kick of adrenaline. Just what every bachelor needs on his weekend trip away. Following that, you can roam around Prater, a theme park comprising of over 250 attractions. You, gents, will be kept busy for the whole day.

Why Celebrate Your Stag Holiday In Vienna With Us?

Pissup Team

Have we tempted you to have your stag weekend in Vienna? We hope we have. Do you think you're going to be able to plan the trip of a lifetime for your best friend alone? Organizing a bachelor party takes a lot of work; if you have other commitments, it can be hard to juggle the two. That's where Pissup can come in and help you give your pal the send off he deserves.

Here at Pissup, we know what goes into planning an action packed men's trip. Allow us to take care of the nitty gritty details while you remain stress free. We have a massive catalog of destinations and activities to suit your needs. Do you have a specific request? We'll do whatever to organize what you have in mind. Are you unsure what way to go about things? Our experienced team will help you pull off the stag do of the decade!

Did you know we've been hosting party weekends you'll never remember since 2001? When you organize a boy's weekend with Pissup, you're dealing with a team of local specialists and coordinators who you can trust to give your friend the blowout he deserves. Over the past 20 years, we have had over 200,000 happy customers that we have been proud to serve. Our broad list of destinations (25, to be precise) and many years of experience are some things that set us apart from other bachelor party providers.

How To Book Your Bachelor Party In Vienna With Us


Would you like to hear more about our activities that we offer? You can write to us with your query or give us a call. There's always somebody at the end of the phone, ready to answer your questions and fill you in on the best offers we have to suit your party.

Before inquiring, ask yourself the following questions.

How many people are in your group? When would you like to book the activity for? What's your budget?

Once we have the answers, we'll be on our way to planning a bachelor party for you and the lads.

Don't worry if you still need to determine concrete numbers or answers to any of the other questions. It will not be official until you provide us with the final details. When the binding plan is in place, that's when we'll require a deposit that amounts to 50% of the final amount. It will be used to secure your place on chosen activities or accommodation.

When the day of your booking arrives, one of our local coordinators will take care of your group. They know Vienna like the back of their hand and will be available for you to contact if you need them. Maybe you need to know something about the activity or how to get from A to B. They're only one call away.

Why Celebrate A Stag Do In Vienna?

Vienna is a cosmopolitan city with a wonderful mix of culture, sightseeing, and nightlife that every stag weekend requires. Its central European location makes it easy to access no matter where you are on the continent. The city isn't the cheapest in the world, but by no means is it as expensive as some of its neighbours. Who doesn't love saving a bit of cash, right? Let yourselves go when you arrive; party like the Viennese, participate in hilarious activities like bubble football and eat as much wiener schnitzel as possible.

FAQS About Stag Parties In Vienna

What are the typical stag activities that everyone does in Vienna?

When on a stag party, the main goal is to ensure the groom is always happy. You know him better than anyone else, so you'll know exactly what he wants to do. A few ideas that he might like include hiring him a stripper, whiskey, gin, rum tastings, and laser tag.

How do you get around Vienna?

Vienna has a great public transport system. Trams, trains, metros, and buses connect visitors to all corners of the city hassle-free. The Wiener Linien operates most of the city's transport, including five underground lines, 127 bus lines, and 29 lines. Using these will allow you to easily see whatever you like in the city when you're here for the bachelor weekend.

What's the best area to stay in Vienna?

Innere Stadt is where all the city's main historical attractions are located and where a large number of tourists end up staying. MuseumQuartier is another popular district. It's one of the world's most extensive cultural quarters and hosts a lot of famous museums. Since Vienna is well connected, you don't have to worry about the location that much as wherever you stay will be a short walk away from some form of public transport. But of course, if you want convenience, one of the two mentioned above is the best option.

Who pays for a bachelor party in Vienna?

A general rule of thumb on bachelor parties is that the groom shouldn't pay for his own trip. You and the lads can decide which way you'd like to split up the costs between you. In the USA, the best man sometimes pays for the whole stag do, but it's rarely done like this in Europe. The easiest way to do it is to take the price of the groom's costs and divide them within the group. Pissup offers a service in that we can keep everyone's payments separate from each other, so there's no confusion involved.

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