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Bratislava Nightlife

Bratislava Nightlife Recommendations

This city has not earned the nickname Partyslava for nothing! It has a great nightlife and we offer numerous evening activities to compliment the city's pubs, bars and clubs. Our Bratislavan range of nocturnal activities include hot girls wrestling in the mud, abducting the stag and sightseeing with beers ... we are named Pissup after all!

Our range of activities brings together the best that Bratislava nightlife has on offer, so you’ll never be bored if you book a stag do with Pissup.

Bratislava Nightlife activities guide

Bratislava by day is full of crazy adrenaline-fuelled activities such as Bridge Swinging and AK-47 shooting. However the nightlife is where it gets its nickname Partyslava!

Whatever you’re looking for we have it: from Burger, Beer and Boobs activity that gets you prepared for a night on the town (while showing you a pair of Slovakian assets!), or if you want to be like Bond we can take you to a top casino in Bratislava, on our Casino Night. Or maybe you want to see what Bratislava’s nightlife has in store for you, then book Partyslava. This awesome activity combines a bar crawl, strip club and nightclub entry. It’s the complete package! If you’re wondering how to prank the stag, well we can sort that out too, with our Stag Kidnap activity. We’ll set him up so two burly locals come cuff and blindfold him then throw him in the back of a car…but watch his fear turn to delight as the the blindfold comes off and he finds himself in a top Bratislava strip club!

Like the sound of any, or all, of that? Well enquire today and our top party planners will get back to you ASAP.