luxury hotel room SHT

Luxury hotel in Prague

If you fancy spoiling yourself, then this is the best accommodation that we offer. We will place you in a 4 star hotel or apartment and include a hearty breakfast in the morning. The venues are central to the action and stag party friendly, so they will be prepared for a large group of Brits abroad!

Our 4 star experience is completed with a guide who checks you in and a guide who is on call 24/7 just in case the stag’s annoying mate from work takes it a little too far (there’s always one aint there!). If you still manage to get lost then you should be fined…massively!

Activities Included

Prague Package one way transfer Supplied

Package one way transfer

Package bookings only! To be added when group has also booked alternative transfer on arrival/departure.

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Quick overview:
  • Pick up at Airport/Hotel for one way transfer.
  • Guide
Tottie Tour  image 59

Tottie Tour

If you have a penchant for extremely attractive women, then this activity is a must for your Prague stag weekend. This is the ultimate guide to the best strip clubs in the Czech capital. Visit 3 of the top lap dancing bars in one night! We are the tottie experts and if you want the finest in total nude e

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Quick overview:
  • Local Guide
  • Entry into 3 Strip Clubs
Strip Hummer Transfer  image 38

Strip Hummer Transfer

Give it some Bling! Every time you see a limo after this, it will put a smile on your face! This ride will ensure you receive a fantastic start to your stag weekend. You will travel IN STYLE in this chauffeur driven Hummer Limo equipped with a gorgeous Czech Chick to help you pour the bubbly. Then she wil

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Quick overview:
  • Local Guide at Airport
  • Hummer Limo
  • 2 Bottles of Bubbly
  • 1 x Stripper
  • Luggage Car
Steak & Tits  image 7

Steak & Tits

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Steak then tits! Our best-selling activity! This is the perfect activity to get your Prague stag party started. First, a slap-up steak meal (vegitarians are also catered for if you don't eat beef) in a private room in a city-centre restaurant with 3 free beer

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Quick overview:
  • Local Pissup Guide
  • Intimate Private Room Hire
  • 3 Large Beers Each
  • Delicious Steak Dinner
  • Full Strip Show - 1 Stripper per 8 in Group
girl lying on bar IST

P*ssup Bar Guide

on't waste your time wandering around looking for good places to drink - hire an experienced local guide to show you Prague's best beer and boobs! This beats a guidebook as you decide the types of venue that you want to visit and your guide will take you to them. The evening culminates with a visit to one of the top lap-dancing clubs in the city

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Quick overview:
  • Local Guide
  • Free Club Entry
Kalashnikov Shooting  image 99

Kalashnikov Shooting

Attention! Prague Pissup® proudly presents the exclusive heavy machine gun offer. You will not find a wider range of weapons that you are able to fire anywhere else in Europe. This event will ensure that you return from your Prague weekend with some explosive memories. Few shooting ranges around

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Quick overview:
  • Local Guide
  • Round Trip Private Transport
  • 56 Shots on 4 Weapons
  • Ear/Eye Protection
  • Targets
  • Snacks & Soft Drinks
  • Bottle of Vodka
  • Like the looks of the destination but don’t like our combinations of accommodation and activities? Click on the red tab titled ‘Build your own’ above and follow three simple three steps to build the perfect stag weekend exactly as you want it.

This is for groups who want the total deal, the VIP Prague Wipeout.

Everywhere wants to be the new Prague. But none of them ever live up to the original party city. It's easy to get to, but hard to leave. Make this your number one choice if you've never done stags abroad before. Some things in Prague can be expensive, but if you are willing to spend money then we can organise a great weekend for you here to sample all its delights.

If you're suffering divine punishment on Sunday morning, you'll welcome far classier-than-average accommodation included with this holiday.

The VIP Wipeout, your best chance for a stag weekend that goes down in legend.