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Cocktail Workshop in Prague

5/5 ( 2 reviews )
What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • Welcome cocktail each
  • Bartender
  • 90 min. Cocktail masterclass
  • 2 x Cocktails for mixing
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Cocktail Workshop

Is Anyone In The Mood For Cocktails?

Learn a thing or two from the cocktail workshop in Prague on your mate's stag do. Shake it up and discover how to make the most delicious drinks like a professionals. What are you waiting for?

This ninety minute masterclass will teach you and the boys how to craft the tastiest cocktails, from the preparation that goes into the creation to how to strain it correctly — you'll learn absolutely everything from a competent waiter who has been doing this for years. Each of you will make two of your very own drinks while hearing the great story behind their creation. This is an excellent opportunity to discover your stag's poison so that you can use it to destroy him at the wedding. 

What To Expect

To kick off the day, your Pissup guide will meet you and your group at your hotel and bring you to the activity location. They'll stay with you for the duration of the activity and help communicate with the supplier so the experience runs smoothly.

Once you arrive at the bar in Prague's city centre, an experienced waiter will meet you all, hand everyone their complimentary cocktail, and give you the rundown of what's going to happen. As the masterclass commences, the waiter will teach everyone how to make a cocktail. You'll learn how to mix up the drink, stir it correctly, strain it, pour it into the right glass, and then serve it up to the customer in style.

Each member of your stag group will get the opportunity to make two cocktails of their choice. Whether it's a creamy white Russian or a bitter whiskey sour, you decide. After you've finished making each drink, you will be given a little history lesson about the drink from the waiter. By the end of this course, you'll be racing around bars in Prague to see if they will give you a job.

The cocktail workshop takes between sixty and ninety minutes to complete. Of course, the size of your stag party group will determine this.

This is the perfect stag do activity for a group of friends or family who are looking to have a good laugh, some drinks, and a hell of a great time.

What You Should Know Before Booking The Cocktail Workshop

  • When the stag group arrives to the activity, they shouldn't be drunk. Leave the heavy boozing until after the masterclass, boys.
  • Everyone should listen to the bartender when he's teaching the group how to make the drinks.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • 180 minutes PT tickets - round trip PT tickets.

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180 minutes PT tickets - round trip PT tickets

Cocktail Workshop in Prague

Rated "Excellent" with 5/5 Based on 2+ reviews.

Learn a thing or two from the cocktail workshop in Prague on your mate's stag do. Shake it up and discover how to make the most delicious drinks.

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