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Schnitzel & Strip in Berlin

Schnitzel & Strip in Berlin

What's Included

  • Table Reservation
  • Schnitzel (main course)
  • 1 Beer each
  • 15 Min Strip Show
  • Overview

Schnitzel and Boobs! A great way to ensure your Berlin stag night out starts as it means to go on.

As we seasoned drinkers know (ahem), hitting the beers hard without eating something first is a big mistake! An army marches on its stomach after all, and if you want to still be partying in the wee hours you’ll need some grub inside you. Enjoy a delicious meal of schnitzel filled with spinach and gorgonzola, with a veg sides, washed down with a nice beer…

But this being Pissup, it doesn’t end there! After you’ve finished eating enjoy a special dessert: a 15 minute private strip show with a sexy local girl.

Schnitzel and Strip is the perfect way to start your night out in Berlin.

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