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Benidorm Stag Do

(28) Popular Benidorm Stag Do Activities

Why Benidorm is the perfect destination for your stag do

Party in a crazy nightlife

Party in a crazy nightlife

Enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year

Enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year

Chill at the most popular beaches in the Costa Blanca

Chill at the most popular beaches in the Costa Blanca

Get wild at the Benidorm British Fancy Dress Party!

Get wild at the Benidorm British Fancy Dress Party!

Benidorm City Guide for Stag Weekends

Benidorm Stag Do weekend

Benidorm is one of the premier holiday destinations, in the Mediterranean, as well as one of the top Stag Do destinations in the region, attracting around 29.2 million visitors in the Summer months. Once a sleepy fishing village on the eastern coast of Spain, since the 70s it has become a top destination for Brits searching for fun in the Sun. This Costa Blanca resort is not really a place for sight-seeing, though Old Town has it’s share of white-washed churches and authentic Spanish culture. A Benidorm Stag Holiday has plenty to offer for those looking to chill with Levante and Poniente beaches a hop skip and jump from most hotels.

However it is the town’s notoriously vibrant nightlife that makes the resort the perfect destination for stag weekend away. If you love the sound of up all clubbing, hot girls, and sun and most importantly a value-for-money, snob-free vibe then you simply have to come on a Benidorm stag do weekend!

Flights to Benidorm

flights to benidorm - Pissup

Getting to Benidorm is simple and cheap, though there are no direct flights to Benidorm itself - you can go direct to Alicante, which is about 35 minutes away. Airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Monarch fly for most of the week and flights are only 2.5hrs in length. With these airlines flights to Alicante from London Gatwick, which is one of the many locations where you can fly from, can be as low as £35 return in the Summer months, according to Skyscanner.

If you’re coming on a stag do in Benidorm then you’ll need to sort out transfers from Alicante, and that’s where our Airport Transfers can help. Don’t bother with all the hassle of queuing for a bus, have your own private minivan waiting to take you and the lads to the centre of Benidorm! If you want to arrive in style then you should book our Hummer Limo - and if you want to start the fiesta as soon as possible, we can even ask a lovely lady to come and strip for you in the limo!

Benidorm’s weather is good for much of the Summer months, with an average of 25 degrees in July and August, which makes it one of the Best Stag Destinations in Europe for sun. While this isn’t totally ‘scorchio’, like The Fast Show’s parody Spanish weather report, it does mean you and the lads won’t be wilting in the summer heat. For those of you looking to take a dip in the afternoon August has the best months for swimming with sea temperatures at 25 degrees.

Benidorm Nightlife Madness

Benidorm stag do - Nightlife

Nightlife in Benidorm has all the essential ingredients to make up an awesome stag do: great pubs in both traditional Spanish and British styles, have-it-large nightclubs, and hot lap dancing clubs. Benidorm nightlife has been compared to Ibiza but without the pretentiousness and the cost - being a lot cheaper than the Balearic Island. The majority of the top super-clubs in Benidorm are conveniently located in one street Avenida Communitat Valencia, which is a little bit away from the centre of Benidorm. Top nightclubs in Benidorm such as the Hippodrome, a disco-themed club with DJs spinning club classics, are located on the street. Typically entry to one of these super-clubs will cost around 30 Euros for entry. 

When you’re arriving into Benidorm for a stag weekend you’ll want to hit the ground running that’s why booking a Bar Guide Guide with Pissup is a must. Better than your average Benidorm bar crawl, we’ll take you to the places you want to go. Maybe you want a traditional British pub like the White Horse, or maybe a place where you can meet some hot talent - our awesome local guide will take you there. If you’re on a look don’t touch weekend what better way to round off a night than seeing a hot Spanish babe strip for you? This is a tailor-made night out which will culminate with you and the lads getting entry into a top strip club in Benidorm.

Our Recommended Benidorm Stag Activities

Coming to Benidorm on a stag weekend? Well, there's plenty of stag do activities on offer: everything from the classic stag activities such as paintballing and visits to lap dancing clubs - to activities that can only be done in hot resort towns like Benidorm like Baby Bull Running and the Banana Boat. Whether you want to trek up mountains or speed around on segway bikes we have it all.

Benidorm Stag Activities

Adrenaline-fuelled activities in Benidorm!

Benidorm paintballing - Pissup Stag Do

There are many exciting things to do on a Benidorm Stag Holiday, and apart from December and January which are quietest months of the year due to the relatively mild weather, the resort boasts year-round activities to suit all tastes. Although Benidorm is on the Costa Blanca you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Britain by the sea, with the sheer-amount of us Brits coming to Benidorm over the Summer months.

That’s why if you feel the need for a real, unique Spanish activity: then you should book Mini Bull-running  in Benidorm. You’ve seen it in the movies, now experience the real thing…okay it’s not the kind of bull that will gore you, but with just a cape to protect you you should prepare to get knocked over! This is a great adrenaline-pumping activity that will provide you with awesome photo opportunities which you can pore over after you lick your wounds at the bar.

At Pissup we know what lads want on their last weekend of freedom: awesome adventures that can’t be had so easily at home. That’s why if you book a stag weekend in Benidorm with Pissup you simply must book our awesome paint-balling activity. Located in a 5,000 metre purpose-built area filled with cool obstacles, you can recreate shoot-em up video games in real life - and better yet punish the stag with bruises!

Relax in Benidorm

hot girls in benidorm

Aside from all the cheap bars and hardcore clubs, Benidorm boasts awesome beaches, which you should take advantage of on your stag weekend in Benidorm...

How about combining adventure and sightseeing? Well our Jeep Safari will take you through the wild, green terrain of Costa Blanca with you steering your very own 4x4. This awesome tour will take you through a jungle riverbed, deep canyons finally culminating - after a midday pitstop - at the famous Algas Waterfalls. This is a unique afternoon activity in Benidorm that will clear the cobwebs away from the night before!

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