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Stag Olympics in Hamburg


Stag Olympics in Hamburg

What's Included

  • Qualified Instructor
  • Equipment
  • 90 min. Playing Time

Stag Olympics - set up & beat the stag in a variety of AWESOME stag do olympic games!

This is a stag olympics so expect some HILARIOUS activities - which will cover one of the following types of games...including: Sporting ability, Skills, Knowledge, and Tactics.

THE GAMES: The stag will get to play games like "blind football"...yes you can imagine how funny that will be watching the stag try to play footie with a blindfold! With "Footdarts" use your ball skills to aim and a giant inflatable dartboard. There will also be games that will test your brain power and logic...

So this Stag Olympics has something for everyone - plenty of chances to beat the stag!!!

How it Works

After 90 minutes there will be one winner.

Please note: Some activities described above may or may not be available. Please ask for further details!

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