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Spa Detox in Krakow

Spa Detox in Krakow

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  • 2 Hour Spa pass
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Spa Detox - we'll take you to one of the nicest spas in Krakow. Have a day of relaxation, and rejuvination. Perfect if you're feeling like s--te after your Krakow P--sup night out!

All the drinking and debauchery of a Krakow weekender can get a little too much. Time for a bit of relaxing!  

Relax and finish the weekend in style with a trip an awesome Krakow spa which houses several saunas, pools and jacuzzis.

Please note - This is NOT an aqua park, but a real Spa centre. You must be on your best behaviour!

After the Spa, why not start your night with a nice Brewery Dinner & Beers - fill up, relax, and by the time you're done it will be time for your Krakow P-ssup round 2!

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