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A Day in the Spa in Munich

A Day in the Spa in Munich

What's Included

  • Day-pass for Spa, Wellness, Pool, Slides, Sauna
  • 1 x Back Massage
  • 1 x Hefeweizen beer
  • 1 Meal Schnitzel & Potato Salad
  • Overview

A day out in the spa in Munich – a truly relaxing time!

After a night out with the lads drinking a serious amount of booze, you’ll want to chiiiiilllax on the next day. While hair of the dog is a great remedy (as is a bit of adrenaline), sweating out those toxins in a spa might just be the thing for you. We’ll get you tickets/entry to one of the largest thermal spas in the world.

You will get to relax in the Wellness Area, sweat it out one of the 25 Saunas, float in one of the 29 Pools, take rides on 26 totally crazy and fast waterslides or hang out at one of the many pool bars…as well as this: included in the price is a back massage.

You’ll also get to enjoy a meal of schniztel and potato salad, with 1 Hefeweizen beer thrown in.

Note: German saunas are totally nude, so be prepared when you go in! This is located in Erding 40km away from Munich itself.

Also – if you don’t want to spend ALL DAY in the spa, a more basic 4 hour entrance to spa, wellness area and slides is available. Please ask for more details.

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