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Liquor Tasting in Munich

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Liquor Tasting in Munich

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You Look Like You Need A Drink!

Test your alcohol knowledge through Pissup's liquor tasting activity in Munich. Savor some extra oaky whiskies or citrusy gins for your friend's stag do.

Take your pick of sampling some delicious spirits from a selection of whiskey, gin or vodka with one of our professional liquor experts, who knows more about liquor than anyone else in Germany.

They'll give you an in-depth insight into the drink, from what it should be mixed with to certain foods that pair nicely with it. Yes, that means there could be a few sneaky food samples involved, such as whiskey and chocolate or whiskey and cheese. Nobody complains when there's a bit of food involved.

What To Expect

The drink tasting will go down in a tasting room in a specialized liquor store located in Munich's city centre. Because of its central location, you should have no issue finding it. We'll notify you with the address closer to the time of the activity.

A competent booze specialist will look after your bachelor party throughout the experience. Their job is to make sure you guys leave knowing a little bit more about the alcohol you love than you did when you walked in, as well as a little bit more drunk! You'll learn your chosen short and their flavors from whiskey, gin, and rum options.

Sample the good stuff and gain an education about the refreshments you love. Your guide will tell you everything there is to know about the chosen one, from what to mix it with and what to avoid, and sometimes, if you're lucky, there are food pairings introduced. Imagine some tequila and tacos.

The Munich liquor sampling bachelor party activity goes on for three hours, and all of the alcohol samples are included with your book, so there's plenty of complimentary drinking time. By the end of the activity, you lot will be well past the tipsy stage and probably looking for a bit of an after party. If that's the case, come on one of our pub crawls with us around Munich. Stop at some of the city's best bars, enjoy some complimentary shots, and finish the night in a top nightclub with entry included. Finish the night in style!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Because liquor tastings are open to the public, there's a good chance that other enthusiasts will join you on the excursion. If you'd like to organize a private tour, contact us directly, and we can arrange it for you.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of participants required for this activity to take place.The more the merrier, gentlemen!
  • The spirits used in the sampling are strictly whiskey, gin or rum.
  • You must choose to taste either whiskey, gin or rum.
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