Copenhagen Stag Do

Copenhagen Stag Do

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Copenhagen Stag Do

(38) Popular Copenhagen Stag Do Activities

Why Copenhagen is the perfect destination for your stag do

Party in a buzzing nightlife with great bars & clubs

Party in a buzzing nightlife with great bars & clubs

Visit the "Christiania" hippie commune

Visit the "Christiania" hippie commune

Enjoy a vibrant city at the sea with great sights

Enjoy a vibrant city at the sea with great sights

Have fun at the Tivoli Gardens amusement park

Have fun at the Tivoli Gardens amusement park

Copenhagen Stag Do

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Experience a Copenhagen stag do: the ideal destination for lads who want a cool weekend in a sophisticated city - with a touch of stag do madness as well!

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Copenhagen City Guide for Stag Weekends

Copenhagen city guide for stags

Copenhagen is a vibrant, sophisticated city that is full of attractive sights and cool nightspots. Considered one of the most liveable cities in the world, Denmark’s capital city is ideal for stag weekend visits too! Located on the shore of Zealand island it directly faces Malmo, Sweden on the other side, which is connected by the Øresund Bridge (which you should know if you’ve caught the TV series, The Bridge). Originally founded by Vikings in the 10th century, it has a rich history as a Scandinavian commercial, political and cultural hub. The wealth of the city, both past and present, is reflected in some of its awesome sights including the Tivoli Gardens and Christiansborg Palace.

One of the main advantages to coming here, aside from its cool, relaxed atmosphere is that Copenhagen is compact compared to most cities - so getting around is easy. Another is that Copenhagen has a wealth of cool areas to explore on foot, by metro or - as the local do - by bicycle. These include Christiania (see below), Kødbyen, the former meatpacking district turned creative area, Nørrebro, which is the city’s nightlife centre, and Vesterbro which is the cool “hipster” area. Whatever you’re looking for - whether its “cultural” tours of breweries or visits to VIP clubs - Copenhagen has it all!

How to get to Copenhagen

Copenhagen Stag Do Guide - Cheap Flights

Flying to Copenhagen from the UK is easy, with direct flights from major cities including London airports, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham. In the Summer months weekend return flights can be as low as under £50 return with RyanAir, with even cheaper flights in the off season. And you can be in Denmark relatively quickly, with flights clocking in at under 2 hours.

But when to come? In terms of the weather in Copenhagen it is quite similar to the London, with fairly long and cold winters - with temperatures reaching -3 degrees in January-February time. However, like the UK it can have very nice summers, with highs of 21 degrees in July. This is perfect for lads who are planning Summer stag dos and want bearable, but nice, weather on their weekend away.

Cool Bars - Hot Danish Babes

Sexy girls in Copenhagen - Pissup Stag Do

Similarly to people in the UK, Danish guys and girls have a ‘have it large at the weekend' culture. That means there are plenty of bars and other nightspots on offer - everything from cool cocktail bars to ‘bodegas’ where you can get cheap beer by the bottle. If you’re looking for interesting cocktails in an atmospheric setting then check out Ruby, which was ranked in the top 50 bars in the world. There are plenty of ‘bodegas’ to choose from, but Borgerbroen is a classic bodega, with a mixed clientele of old school locals and hip youngsters - and a menu of cheap beers. If you’re a beer-swilling hipster you might also like to check out one of Denmark’s beer bars, which like Nørrebro Bryghus (Brewhouse) serve local, award-winning beers on top.

But if you’re coming on a Copenhagen stag weekend you’ll want to do minimal thinking maximum partying - rather than trying to find places to have it large in yourselves, why not book a pub crawl with us? You’ll get taken to the hottest nightspots with nicest beer, avoiding dive bars and overpriced drinks. If you’re a beer lover then Copenhagen is a great place to come, and we can organise a trip to the  so you can see how that delicious beer is made. And this being Pissup we can’t let you come to Copenhagen without seeing some of the local talent; with  you’ll get to see why Scandinavian girls have a reputation for being hot! Find out more about Copenhagen's nightlife here.

Our Recommended Stag Activities in Copenhagen

There's an awesome range of things to do Copenhagen. What you need is pub crawls, visits to the Carlsberg brewery, strip club entry, stunt man training - and much much more. Copenhagen offers crazy activities as well as chill ones, so take your pick! Even though the city has an easily navigable party area it is always best to get some local expertise before you just go to any old nightspot. And here at Pissup we aim to provide you with top quality stag activities to ensure that your Copenhagen stag weekend is one that will go down in legend.

Stag Fun in Copenhagen!

go karting in Copenhagen

Adrenaline-lovers and wannabe adventurers will love Copenhagen. It has a huge variety of stag activities to suit every lad’s desires. We’ve got stag classics such as Go-Karting, where you can race your mates to see who has Louis Hamilton-like talent. Or paintballing, where you and the boys can target the stag for maximum bruising! However you should definitely take advantage of the fact that Copenhagen is located by on the eastern shore of Zealand Island, is close to beaches and lakes, and has a river running through the city.  So why not take a private boat cruise? It’s a great way to chill out with your mates, have a few beers and seeing the sights.

If you want to do something extra special then try our Walk on Water activity: where you’ll be rolling out on the sea in hilarious zorb ball. If you’ve got a competitive streak and like the idea of beating your mates, then you should book the Sumo Relay. This is an obstacle course race with a twist: you’ll have to complete the course dressed up in fun sumo suits. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be in the movies? Well with our Stunt Man Training course now’s your chance, learn how to do stage fighting and other techniques. And as an additional bonus the stag will get “shot” with a stunt bullet as well as having his legs set on fire!

Relax in Copenhagen!

Cigar smoking in Copenhagen

If you want to seriously chill you have to go to the famous – or infamous – Freetown Christiania. This form army barracks turned “commune” was taken over by squatters and activists in the late 70s, and now enjoys special legal status. This area is known as 'Green Light District' and has a thriving Cannabis market (the clue is in the nickname!). Although we should state that it is illegal to buy weed here, and the area has been raided by the police in times past. So we can’t recommend buying anything here; but regardless of whether you’re a stoner or not you should come and see the wonders of Christiania yourself!

But if you’re not into getting contact highs, and you want to chill in a more civilised manner we recommend booking your own Private Room. That way you can set the pace of the night the way you want, before you all hit the town!

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