Amsterdam Bar Guide with Strip Club Entrance image

Bar Guide with Strip Club Entrance

Bar Guide with Strip Club Entrance

What's Included

  • Free welcome beer at meeting bar
  • Private Guide hire
  • Strip club Entrance
  • 4 hours tour
  • Overview

Amsterdam bar guide plus strip club entry – a great night out in the city of sin!

Thinking of coming to Amsterdam on a stag weekend? Want to go to the best spots with the most fun vibes…don’t chance it: book a bar guide with us and we’ll make sure you have a top night out.

How it Works

Guide will meet you at the first bar, which is located in the Red Light District. The guide will ask for your preferences, then take you to 4 of the best bars based on your choices. You can visit more than 4 bars, if they wish to do a quick bar hop session, or they can visit fewer bars and spend more time in each one. This is entirely up to you! Your guide will be with your group for a 4 hour tour from the time of the booking. After the bar crawl they will drop you off at a strip club, where you can stay as long as you want.

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