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Blokarting in Amsterdam

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Blokarting in Amsterdam

What's Included
  • 90 min. Blokart Ride
  • Equipment & Safety Gear

Blokarting in Amsterdam - it's like windsurfing and go-karting combined - a new, unique fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants activity!

Amsterdam Blokarting is a must if you want to try windsurfing...but on dry land. Race along the beach, using your driving skills to outmanoveour your mates' to be the blokarting master!

How it Works

Your group will meet a professional instructor at the location. The instructors will help you to master these amazing machines, and it won’t be long before you’re racing your friends across some of Amsterdam’s beautiful beaches!

More Info

Blokarting cannot take place unless the wind conditions are right. In case there is no wind, you can do "Electric Skateboarding" at the same location.

Blokarting in Amsterdam

Rated "Excellent" with 4.25/5 Based on 4+ reviews.

Blokarting in Amsterdam - sounds wrong, but it's a must for stag do adrenaline junkies - imagine a combination of windsurfing and go-karting!

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15. May 2022

Google Translated Cool local people Fun thing Less cool is right on the Autobahn

15. May 2022

Google Translated Very fun action.

27. July 2023
27. January 2022
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