Coffee Shop Guide in Amsterdam
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Coffee Shop Guide in Amsterdam


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What's included

  • Knowledgeable guide
  • Informative Quiz
  • Visit to the Cannabis College
  • Free tea/coffee in the first coffeeshop
  • Rolling Competition
  • Visit 3 coffeeshops and 1 smoking friendly bar


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Amsterdam, get your Cheech and Chong on! Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops are strewn throughout the city, but why waste time wandering around trying to find them all.

Our knowledgable and helpful Amsterdam coffee shop guide will act as your invaluable host. They will meet your group at your hotel before navigating you through the city, stopping at 3 of its most famous coffee shops, and 1 smoking-friendly bar. You will also visit the Cannabis College – and there will a rolling competition, plus other fun games. Your Guide will also ensure that you return to your hotel or find you a nice location in which you can chill out – whichever you prefer.

Note: 18+ years old only, all equipment (vaporizer, bongs), plus the cost of “smoke” will be extra. Trips that begin after 16:00 may sometimes not include the cannabis college.

All that Cheech and Chonging will certainly give you an apatite: why not book a Steak and Tits Meal and you and the boys can enjoy a steak dinner with a strip show for dessert!

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Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060