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Football Darts in Amsterdam

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Football Darts in Amsterdam

What's Included
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • Soft Drink(s) each
  • 1 hr. Playing Time
  • Qualified Instructor
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Foot Darts
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Football Darts in Amsterdam - it's a simple concept, really - simple, but great - take free kicks at a MASSIVE dart board.

Use all your power and accuracy to shoot, and score!

Enjoy an afternoon of competitive fun with your friends playing Football Darts - it's going to be super popular, so BOOK NOW.

How it Works

Your group will meet the instructor at a particular playing field.

Football Darts: combining two great sports, football and darts, each player has 3 shots to make it on the board, and the player with the highest score wins. This activity available either inside or outside, weather permitting.

What You'll Get: 1 full hour of football darts (indoor / outdoor), a qualified instructor to show you the ropes, plus 1 soft drink per person.

Remember to wear suitable footwear!

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Photographer w/activity
Unlimited Beer Package (per hour per person) w/activity

Football Darts in Amsterdam

Rated "Excellent" with 4/5 Based on 1+ reviews.

Football Darts in Amsterdam - combine two classic British sports...darts and football! - aim, shoot, and score!

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27. January 2022
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