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Learn To Flirt Workshop in Amsterdam

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Learn To Flirt Workshop in Amsterdam

What's Included
  • Qualified Instructor
  • 1 units.glass.singular of Wine each
  • 90 min. workshop
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Is Your Name Wifi? Because I'm Feeling A Connection!

Does your bachelor need to learn how to flirt? Well, we have designed just the workshop for him in Amsterdam to grasp the basics and try to bag a bit on the side before he goes home to his soon to be wife.

Master the art of seduction through our 90 minute learn to flirt workshop with an all star flirter who can charm the trousers off just about anyone that moves. Whether you're an expert at pulling ladies or still haven't got it for the first time, you'll find this course useful. Find out what works for both sexes and practice your skills right in front of the coach, so they can rate your skills out of then. Those who can make the teacher tingle will be awared with a flirting diploma. Imagine putting that on your CV! You'll surely bag some jobs in the Red Light District then.

What To Expect

Your charming instructor will be waiting for your group at a bar/restaurant somewhere in the centre of the Red Light District. To set the tone and calm the nerves, everyone will get a nice glass of wine. Flirting is always much easier when there's alcohol involved.

The course will go on for 90 minutes. In that time, you'll be given guidance on all the aspects of flirting; no attempt is too wild; chance your arm and see what they say about your technique. What works for one person might not work for others.

After you've received a wealth of knowledge, it's time to put all that you have learned to the test in front of the coach. Do your best to pull a winner and see if you have what it takes to become a top puller. This part is optional, so if anyone isn't comfortable, they can sit it out. Those who do participate could be in with a chance of bagging a flirting diploma; what a great souvenir that would be. Just make sure you hide it pretty well in your suitcase on the way home in case your missus finds it when you get back. You'll be in the dog house then.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The bar you'll visit will be located in the Red Light District.
  • This activity lasts for 90 minutes in total.
  • Six participants are needed for this activity to go ahead.
  • No physical contact is involved with anyone; it's simply verbal fun.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • Banana Bar with some drinks for some fun after.
  • Banana Bar with unlimited drinks if you really want to go hardcore.

What can you add?

Banana Bar (w/ drink)
Banana Bar (unlimited drinks 1hr)
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