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Stag Arrest in Amsterdam

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4.6 / 5 Based on 25 reviews

Stag Arrest in Amsterdam

What's Included
  • 2 x bodyguards
  • Private Room
  • 15 min. Strip Show
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Stag Arrest

An innocent man is arrested…well he probably thought that scenario only happened in the movies.

Well you’re going to prove him wrong! Take him to a quiet bar for a drink, then after we (usually) stage a fake fight watch his face turn the colour of curdled milk, as two security guards come to take him away.

The security guards will then take the “guilty man” to a private room.

Then watch his fear turn to relief as he realises it’s all been a joke and a sexy lady dressed up as police woman comes out and performs a hot strip show for the stag!

Note: The strip show will take place in a private room in the bar, and will last approximately 15 minutes. The ‘arrest’ is usually followed after we stage a fake fight. It’s best that everyone (barring the stag obviously) is in on the joke. Also you’ll need to confirm he doesn’t suffer from heart problems for obvious reasons.

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Male Strip Show w/activity

Stag Arrest in Amsterdam

Rated "Excellent" with 4.6/5 Based on 25+ reviews.

An innocent man is arrested…well he probably thought that scenario only happened in the movies.

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05. April 2024

Google Translated Laughed my heart out, you should definitely do this for the groom! Trust me

16. August 2023

The guys did a brilliant job at making it believable and the stag was completely fooled. Very funny!

12. June 2023

Very funny and engaging activity. The hosts of the venue were brilliant and talked myself through the plan so we knew where to put the stag and when.

09. May 2023

Google Translated The reading was good for that, no one suspected anything. Unfortunately, the arrest didn't take place on the street but in a club, but it was still mega! and the strip show was awesome, i

19. April 2023

Google Translated Great show and great staging for the groom who will remember it ?

27. November 2022

Google Translated Unlikely!

15. August 2022

Google Translated Poorly done arrest but the strip was good

21. June 2022

Google Translated Hot woman who made the temperature rise again at the end!

19. May 2022

Good awesome place good staff and environment friendly and really good

17. April 2024
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