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Strip Club Entry in Amsterdam

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Strip Club Entry in Amsterdam

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Strip Club Entry
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Come See What The Red Light District Is Made Of!

Avail of strip club entry to one of Amsterdam's Red Light District's most exclusive venues; the perfect stag party package to gift your mate before he retires from the game.

We have all heard the stories about Amsterdam's Red Light District from people we know who have been there, but to really experience it, you have to go there and see it with your own eyes, and this excursion is the perfect way to do it.

Meet your guide in the city centre and follow them to the seedy Red Light District where they'll bring you to one of the area's main gentleman's clubs for a bit of boys only action. See some of the hottest ladies you've ever came close to, watch them perform live and splash some cash on a little private dance for the groom to be before he seals the deal. There's nothing wrong with keeping a secret from your missus, once she doesn't find out.

Get ready to discover why men from all over the world come to Amsterdam on their holidays and fall in love with the place.

What To Expect

We'll organise a meeting point for your group and our guide in the city centre, but we usually choose somewhere near the Red Light District so you don't have to walk too far. If your hotel is in the area, they might be able to meet you there. Contact us for more information.

Your booking will only include entrance to the strip club, so if you want any private dances or drinks beyond the doors, you'll have to pay for them yourselves. A worthwhile investment!

The guide will stay with you for an hour, but after that, you'll part ways and you can get up to your own mischief without being disturbed. Don't be afraid, the ladies don't bite, all they're interested in is showing you a good time and what you could have if you didn't have a woman waiting for you at home.

Considering a bit of fun for later that night? Check out our club package.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • If anyone's drunk on the evening of the activity, they may be refused entry.
  • Don't dress the stag in a silly costume, this is forbidden and will result in the whole group being turned away.
  • Touching the ladies is not permitted. Keep your hands to yourselves and just enjoy your time there.
  • After you have entered the strip club, you're allowed to stay as long as you like.
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