Unlimited Pancakes Deal in Amsterdam

Unlimited Pancakes Deal in Amsterdam

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Unlimited Pancakes Deal in Amsterdam

What's Included
  • 60 min. Unlimited Pancakes

All You Can Eat Pancakes - the title is self-explanatory - you get to stuff your faces with as many delicious pancakes, with various toppings, as you can.

A hard night's partying can leave you famished! So you'll be thanking the gods of partying that you organised this in advance.

How it Works

Your group will go to a restaurant where they will have the pancake breakfast.

The meal includes unlimited pancakes, with a variety of sweet & savoury toppings, including: sugar, syrup, pineapple, cheese, bacon, apple, banana, strawberries, Nutella, butter, chocolate sauce, etc.

Drinks will be extra i.e. they're not included.

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