Whiskey Tasting in Amsterdam

Whiskey Tasting in Amsterdam

What's Included

  • 2 hour tasting session
  • 5 Single Malt Whiskeys
  • 1 Extra glass of your choice (at the end)
  • Whiskey Expert
  • Overview

Ahhhh, whiskey the cheap stuff may smell like gasoline but when you take a sip of good quality single malt, it can taste like nectar.

New to whisky? Now’s your chance to become an expert in one of Scotland’s best exports! In this 2 hour session our expert instructor will lead you through the Scottish Whiskey regions as you discover the background to Scotland’s national drink. You will learn how to how to recognise and differentiate between different whiskys. Our whisky expert will explain how to nose and taste five single malt whiskies from each of Scotland’s main Whiskey-producing regions. At the end you’ll get to choose your favourite and have an extra glass of it!

Note: The venue is conviently located in central Amsterdam. The activity will last up to 2 hours.

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