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Nude Male Drawing Workshop in Barcelona

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Nude Male Drawing Workshop in Barcelona

What's Included
  • Nude Model
  • Materials
  • Qualified Instructor
Nude Drawing

Does The Idea Of A Naked Man Excite A Certain Soon To Be Bride?

Ladies, how well do you think you'd be able to draw a naked man? Experience our naked male drawing workshop hen do activity in Barcelona to test your skills. Book into an illustration session with one of our sexiest male models. Grab yourselves a front row seat in a circle surrounded by the mysterious man. An experienced instructor who knows a thing or two about the male body will guide you to ensure you make the best creative portrait. Don't be afraid to get a look at him from a couple of angles, we're sure he doesn't bite. In the intimate session, it will just be an experienced instructor, the clothless model, and yourselves. Let's see who in the group has a bit of Leonardo Da Vinci in them.

What To Expect

Your hen party will be picked up from either your hotel or another location that suits you in Barcelona. You'll be taken to the location where your naked hunk awaits.

Upon arrival, you'll meet your experienced instructor, who will look after your group for the session. They have been drawing unclothed men for quite a while, so you're in safe hands. 

Find yourselves a good seat in the room and get the materials from the instructor you'll need to draw the best picture. Soon after, the gorgeous, completely undressed model will make their way to the centre of the circle. All eyes will be on him from different angles. We won't be surprised if your friend, who's supposed to be getting married, feels her heart skip a couple of beats. Her man back home definitely doesn't fill her with this much excitement.

The session will take place for approximately an hour and a half. In that time, you'll have to produce the naked man standing in front of you on a canvas. To spice things up, race each other to see who can finish their drawing first, and whoever finishes last must buy the first round of drinks later that night. Try to remain focused and avoid cracking dirty jokes. It will be hard to resist, ladies; we understand.

After that, our driver will take you back to the location where you were picked up. Have you got plans for that night? Maybe you planned to go out for dinner or drinks at a bar; if so, we have the perfect surprise for you to give to your friend before she puts the shackles on. Treat her to a naked butler serving up her drinks for a whole hour. We'll even throw in not one but two bottles of champagne for the group to enjoy. 

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • For this activity to go ahead, there needs to be at least eight people in the studio. The more people who can see our naked model, the better.
  • The drawing session is available all throughout the day. Organize a time with Pissup that suits your group.
  • Transfers to and from the activity location are included in the booking, as long as your location is in Barcelona city.
  • All materials are provided by the instructor including paint, pens, paper, canvases etc.
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