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Airsoft Combat in Benidorm

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Airsoft Combat in Benidorm

What's Included
  • unlimited ammunition

Shoot your mates with realistic-looking weapons! Forget paintballing – airsoft is the new craze in town. Use replica weapons to target the stag and shower him with BB pellets!

The Ultimate Benidorm Airsoft Combat Experience

This is as close as you’ll get to being real soldiers in the field, dressed up in camoflague army fatigues, dodging around a purpose-built arena with real-life obstacles to hide behind including army-style vehicles. Make sure the stag gets his fair share of hits so that he’ll remember this day for years to come! Compared to paintball airsoft may not be as messy, but with the unlimited ammunition that you’ll be provided with – there’s no excuse not to get your revenge!

More Info

Gameplay in this Benidorm Airsoft activity last two hours and there are a variety of different missions and scenarios to play. Unlimited bullets, and equipment is included.

  • The photo is an illustration of the activity + equipment rather than actual recording of the activity.
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