Baby Bull Running in Benidorm
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Baby Bull Running in Benidorm


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What's included

  • Instruction
  • Lunch: salad, cold cuts, paella
  • Open bar for beer + sangria during lunch


Ever wanted to rull with the bulls in Pampona, but were afraid you’d get gored? Well we have the perfect stag do activity for you: Baby Bull Running…

Experience Benidorm Bull-Fighting

Think you’re hard enough to step into the ring with just your wits and a matador’s cape to protect you? This only-in-Spain adrenaline-fuelled stag do activity, is a chance to truly test your mettle. After the pro shows you how to deal with the baby bull, the stag will get a chance to have a go in the ring, dressed up in bright polka-dot flamenco outfit so the bull has an easy target for its horns! When it looks like the stag is about to give up, get into the ring yourselves and see if you can dodge its horns…don’t be fooled by their bluntness you’ll certainly feel like you’ve been hit when they connect with your body.

Afterwards chill out in the bar, enjoying beers and a lunch of cold cuts and paella – the perfect way to relax after this intense experience.

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Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060

Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060