Paintball in Benidorm
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Paintball in Benidorm

What's included

  • All Equipment
  • First 100 balls


Paintball War, what is it good for? Leaving your enemies battered and bruised, that's what.

Try Paintballing in Bendidorm

The paintballing action takes place over 5,000 metres of hillside not far outside Benidorm. There you'll be given all the necessary equipment, and instruction by professionals - and then the action begins! All the classic scenarios will be available such as capture the flag and team deathmatch. But if you have your own requests for scenarios - such as humiliating the stag! - do let the guide know and they'll make it happen. And for those of you who like to play guerilla warfare, there's plenty of obstacles to hide behind and pick off unsuspecting enemies!

More Info

Initially you'll have 100 paintballs to use, for free. Extras can be purchased. Our friendly guide will pick you and the lads up at the hotel and take you in comfortable transport to the hillside arena.

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