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Stag Fiesta in Benidorm

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Stag Fiesta in Benidorm

What's Included
  • Dinner (steak/chicken breast main - veggie options available)
  • Drink(s) each
  • Dessert each
  • Private striptease
  • Public Bar Crawl
  • Night Club Entry
  • ---
Night Life

Fiesta time! Food might be the last thing on your mind on your Benidorm Stag Do.

But trust Pissup, the knees up experts, when we say the motto, an army marches on its stomach, is true. Get some tasty food down you and you’ll be ready for the night of carnage ahead…

A crazy nightout in Benidorm

We’ll take you to a nice restaurant in Bendirom, where you’ll get to wolf down a three-course meal (steak/ chicken breast main course – veggie option), and dessert, with 1 drink included. After that: let the good times roll, as you go to private room where a sexy girl from one of the best strip clubs in Bendiorm will perform just for you and the lads! Now that your bellies are full and you’ve had an eye-full to, you’ll be ready to hit the town on a Public Bar Crawl. Our lovely guide will take you, and other groups, to top nightspots in Benidorm, packed with hot girls and cheap booze. After that you’ll get entry to an awesome nightclub. Sorted!

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