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Bachelor City Rally in Berlin

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Bachelor City Rally in Berlin

What's Included
  • 180 min. Playing Time
  • 3 x Application download
  • Support Hotline
  • Challenges
Treasure Hunts

Are You Up To The Challenge?

How would you like to get to know Berlin in a unique way? Sign your bachelor up for our personalized city rally on his big weekend in the German capital.

Our metropolis scavenger hunt in Berlin has more than 50 difficult tasks waiting to be completed. Many attempt them, but few come out successful. It all starts from the moment you book the experience, where you'll be sent a secret care package that the stag shouldn't know anything about. The items in there are key to coming out on top during the rally. 

Bolt around the city using your mental skills to completing various assignments while the group  split up into three teams with one of them being the stag as a lone ranger. Only the strong survive, but who will be the strongest?

What To Expect

The moment your booking is confirmed by Pissup, we'll send you an important package containing some small items that are vital for the game to go ahead, as well as some questions about the groom that we need answered before the day of the Berlin hunt to personalize it for you, like the name of his bride back home and other personal information about him. Nothing too intense, don't worry. You'll also get an app that you can install on any modern device. All of these are needed on the day, so stay on top of them.

When the day arrives, you and the lads will head out into the city and open the application. Do not sign into it until you're about to begin the activity because after the first login, it has 72 hours for it to be completed, and then it's no longer valid. There's no private guide assigned to your group, this is all done on your own, so try to keep the kids in line. On the application, there's a tech support hot line that you can call in case you run into any issues during the tasks.

The application will guide you through Berlin, where the whole group will undergo gruelling challenges, with over 50 of them available to choose from. Three teams are needed before you all set off, and one of them has to be the man getting married on his own. Now is your chance to really gang up on him.

Expect the whole thing to go on for between three and four hours, as it does take some time for everyone to get the locations, and not all of them are located right beside each other. Without a doubt, you'll need a solid feed after all the running around you're doing, so why don't you treat yourselves at the stag to a traditional German meal accompanied by some ice cold local beers to wash it all down. Our well versed chefs are more than familiar with the country's cuisine and promise to take good care of those empty bellies of yours.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Sadly, this excursion is only available in German. If it's something your bachelor would enjoy, tell him he needs to brush up on his skills right away.
  • If you're based in Germany, the Berlin city rally needs to be booked at least one week in advance, and if you're living in Austria or Switzerland, it must be booked two weeks in advance.
  • In a situation where the weather is poor on the day, the application has a GPS Independent Mode with a bunch of challenges that can be done indoors, like at your hotel or in a cafe somewhere in the city. Mother Nature certainly won't be allowed to dictate these plans.
  • There's no minimum participant requirement or maximum limit for the activity to take place. The more people against your stag, the better.
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