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Big Beer Bike (20 Litres) in Berlin

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Big Beer Bike (20 Litres) in Berlin

What's Included
  • Driver
  • 20 l of Beer
  • 90 min. Beer Bike Tour
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Beer Bike
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The Wheels On The Bike Go Round And Round!

Cycle around the German capital of Berlin for one and a half hours while sharing 20 litres of beer with the members of your stag party. One very drunk ride.

Put your helmets on and venture off on a cycle around Berlin like no other. Get those legs moving while drinking more than a handful of pints of beer. Whoever said that pubs couldn't be on wheels? With comfortable seats, a roof over your heads in case it starts raining, and plenty of booze to go around the whole group for some added fuel, it sounds like a cycle everyone would love to take part in.

What To Expect

Have your latest Under Armour gear ready for when the bike picks up your bachelor party at Ostbahnhof. There's no need for bottles of water, as there will be enough beer on board to keep you all hydrated.

Set off into the sunset, cycling around the historical city of Berlin, catching views of famous landmarks and popular tourist attractions. You better be fit as fiddles because this is going to be one and a half hours of full on cycling with no breaks.

The only real way we can get a stag party to cycle dozens of kilometres around Berlin is to give them what they want, and all they want is beer, so you're getting just that. 20 litres to go around for the lot of you. Can you get that into you before time runs out? We're sure that's easy work. On board will be a driver to keep your spirits high and ensure you make it back in one piece. We couldn't have you all roaming around the city without a babysitter.

When the time is up, you'll pedal back to the same location where you were picked up. You would have looked a lot healthier then. This is a fantastic way to get some pre-drinks in before a big night out in the city. If you'd like us to organize an evening activity for you all, click here to see our wide range of experiences on offer. We're sure there's something in there that your stag will enjoy.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The minimum requirement for this group to go ahead is 7 people, and the maximum limit is 15. If your group is smaller than seven, you won't receive the full 20 litres of beer, so try to hit that number.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy On The Day

  • One litre of soft drinks to choose from including 1 litre of Cola, Fanta Sprite or water.
  • A 0.75 litre bottle of bubbly.

Other Options

Beer Bike

Beer Bike

  • 20 l of Beer
  • 120 min. Beer Bike Tour
  • Driver

What can you add?

Softdrinks (Cola, Fanta, Sprite or Water) - 1l
Bottle of Bubbly - 0,75l
1l extra beer

Big Beer Bike (20 Litres) in Berlin

Rated "Excellent" with 4.75/5 Based on 8+ reviews.

Cycle around Berlin for 1.5 hours sharing 20L of beer on a stag party. One very drunk ride. Book now.

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06. January 2023

Would recommend this hundred percent, everyone loved it, including the locals, 2 people wanted to jump on and join us.

27. September 2023
14. June 2023
29. May 2023
24. April 2023
23. April 2023
16. March 2023
15. March 2023
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