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Bubble Football And Arrow Tag in Berlin

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Bubble Football And Arrow Tag in Berlin

What's Included
  • 45 min. Bubble Football 4-a-side
  • 45 min. Arrow Tag
  • Qualified Instructor
Arrow Tag

Embrace The Challenge, Enter The Arena, And Wage War!

Combine two fun activities into one with our bubble football and arrow tag package in Berlin. Make your reservation for your stag do today!

Stag parties are about bonding, laughter, and creating lasting moments, and the best way to do that is getting involved in some field action. This fun filled games package includes 45 minutes of playing time of both bubble football and arrow tag.

Start your day by throwing on an inflatable costume and racing around a football pitch, but there's one catch, every time you run into each other, you'll bounce the oppisite direction making it almost impossible to touch your feet of the physical football.

After you've broken a sweat and are fed up of trying to get back on to your feet, it's time for a sport where you'll be much less restrained. Arrow tag is similar to the well know game of paintball, only slightly less painful because instead of bullets of paint, you'll be shot at with arrows. Don't worry, these arrows aren't pointy, they're flat faced causing minimum damage. The more people on the oppisite team you hit, the more points for you!

If your stag ends up on the winning team, you'll have to treat him to a kinky lesbian strip show.

The unshakeable always come out on top.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • All required safety gear will be provided by the arena on the day.
  • You'll have qualified instructors by your side at all times across the day.
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