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Spare Ribs & Beer in Berlin

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Spare Ribs & Beer in Berlin

What's Included
  • 2 hrs. Table reservation
  • 1 units.portion.singular of Ribs
  • 2 x Beer(s) (0.5 l) each
  • 2 x Side Dish(es) each
Night Life
Spare Ribs & BBQ Meals

Spare Ribs & Beer in Berlin - enjoy a delicious meal of ribs at a nice restaurant with beer, exactly the thing you need before you properly start your p-ss up!

Planning a stag night out in Berlin? Thiking about where to go eat before you hit the town? Let us do the thinking for you: we'll get you booked up at a nice restaurant, with main course plus beer included. Sorted.

What You'll Get

You will get: table reservation at a good, well-located restaurant in Berlin. You will each get a main course of Spare Ribs, plus french fries and salad. For drinks you'll get 2 x 0.5 litre of beer each.

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