Stag Olympics Berlin

Stag Olympics in Berlin

Stag Olympics in Berlin

What's Included

  • 90 mins of Games & Challenges
  • Games based on "Skill", "Knowledge", "Tactics & "Sports"
  • Overview

Stag Olympics in Berlin - it's the olympics...for stags! - have you got the skills, mental agility, and tactics to beat your mates, and win?!

The games will be grouped around four categories: "Sports", "Skills", "Knowledge", and "Tactics". That covers four areas where you should be able to shine. But you'll need to perform in all of them to claim victory.

There's only one winner in the Berlin Stag Olympics.

So be focussed, be ruthless, and play to win!

What You'll Get

You will get a full 90 minutes of Stag Olympics Games. The Games and Challenges will vary, but they may include games like: "Footdarts, which is exactly as it sounds, football...but you'll be aiming at a giant inflatable dartboard, not the back of the net. "Blind Football" is a chance to laugh while stag (and the rest of you) try to play football blindfolded. "Electro Penalty Shoot-out"...well, it's as shocking as it sounds!

There are many different games available. Drop us a line for more info!

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