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Strip Karaoke in Berlin

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Strip Karaoke in Berlin

What's Included
  • 90 min. Private Karaoke Session
  • 15 min. Strip Show
  • 20 EUR consumption per Pax
Night Life

Sing Until You See A Pair Of Titties!

There's no better fun than a bit of karaoke. How about adding a strip show in there for the stag on his last weekend off the leash in Berlin?

Huddle up and come over to a private karaoke studio in the German capital. While you're picking who will take the stage first, the others can decide how you will divide 20 euros of consumption between you.. We heard that a couple of you are far too fond of a microphone, so don't be shy. When it's the groom's turn, all of a sudden a mysterious woman will enter the room; who could it be? She'll join him on stage, but not for a sing along. Within a flash, her clothes will be off, and the lot of you will be commanded to watch while she does a naughty dance for the bachelor. Do you reckon he'll be singing from the same hymn sheet after this?

What To Expect

Pissup will arrange a one and a half hour private room reservation in a popular karaoke bar, loved by many, centrally located in Berlin. Be sure to arrive on time; you don't want to miss out on minutes that could be spent singing to your heart's content.

There's a 20 euros consumption package for your group to use when you arrive at the club; choose whatever you want from behind the bar and get the party started. Remember, once it's gone, it's gone, though.

Pass the microphone, pick the stags' favourite tunes, and sing like you never have before. Did you hear that knock on the door? Who might it be? Only the unexpected local stripper, for none other than the man who is supposed to get married to a lady back where he lives in a few weeks. She's there to give him a good time before he goes back for a lousy one at home. Feast your eyes on her as she slowly removes every bit of clothing while teasing your buddy. Sorry lads, it's for one person only; it's not every day you get married, aye?

When your 90-minute reservation expires, it's time to leave the karaoke room. Don't worry, the night is still young, and we've got some exciting ways you can enjoy it. Since you probably have an appetite for some boobies after what you've just witnessed, let us arrange some entry tickets for your group into a popular strip club in Berlin. We'll even throw in some tokens to get your night going.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There are no group limits for the Berlin karaoke experience. Invite as few or as many people as you want.
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