Burger and Beer

XXL Burger & Beer in Berlin

XXL Burger & Beer in Berlin

What's Included

  • XXL burger (with 180 g beef)
  • French Fries
  • 1 Litre of Beer per person
  • Table Reservation at a Restaurant
  • Overview

XXL Burger & Beer - enjoy a delicious dinner XXL burger AND beer - this exactly what you need before you hit the bars with the lads!

Eating ISN'T cheating: before you start your full-on hardcore p-ssup you should get a decent meal inside you. It will increase your stamina...so you'll be able to party until the small hours!

XXL Burger and Beers in Berlin - get in touch - book today.

What You Get

You'll get table reservation at a nice, well-located restaurant. A main course of XXL Burger (180g of beef), plus french fries, and 1 litre of beer per person.

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