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XXL Football Darts in Berlin

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XXL Football Darts in Berlin

What's Included
  • 24 hrs. Football Dart
  • Equipment
Foot Darts
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In Football Darts, Precision Counts More Than Power!

XXL Football darts is an all-time classic stag party activity for groups to get themselves into the swing of things. Book today in Berlin!

Think of a game of darts only if you use your feet; that's football darts for you. Lining up the ball, swinging back your leg and trying to hit a bullseye to rack up some points with the pressure of everyone watching you; what's not to love? Think of Ronaldo, Messi, Pele and Maradona; it's your time to show you deserve a place in that category.

There's honestly no better way to get a bachelor party flowing than through a good old game of football darts, and it will add a bit of competition which never hurts anyone. Lace-up your boots, and let's go kick some balls!

What To Expect

This activity is unlike any of our others in the sense you don't have to go to a physical arena and play because we deliver it right to your doorstep! Yeah, you read that right; it's just like ordering a DJ or trampoline; you have it for one whole day.

The dart board is a 5-metre-high blow-up device. You will have to blow it up yourselves but trust us; it's easy; we'll send you over all the details. Additionally, a couple of blow-up footballs will be thrown in with the package too.

One of our team members will deliver the device at an agreed time to your hotel / apartment / guest house in Berlin and then return the following day at the same time to pick it up, so make sure you're alive and fresh by then.

Please make sure that the property you're staying in will allow this and have sufficient space and try to avoid breaking anything so you don't end up with a hefty fine.

Our XLL football dart board is usually hired for groups planning on having a party at their accommodation or just a couple of beers for pre-drinks before the real fun commences down the town; whatever you need it for, Pissup is here to help!

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