100% Refund for Covid Affected Bookings

In cooperation with our local business partners, we are now able to offer you the flexibility that if you book a package with us and covid affects your plans, you can postpone the trip or change location without fees - and if that doesn’t work out - cancel your trip with 100% cash refund. Simply select the flexibility option when you enquire.

Why book now given the uncertainty of COVID restrictions?

2022 has the potential to be the greatest year in the history of weddings. With almost all weddings in 2020 and a lot in 2021 postponed to this year and new weddings planned for 2022, the venues are seeing tremendous demand for weddings and many have been booked out for months.

With so many stag parties postponed to 2022 and the positive news regarding the effectiveness of the booster vaccinations against the new Covid variants, we expect an exceptionally intense year once spring arrives.

This means that the best activities and hotels fill up quickly, so we recommend that you book now.

If you are dreaming of a trip or a stag do on a weekend in spring, summer - or even in early autumn - do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms for use of the 100% refund Guarantee

The FlexiPack offers you the right to a 100 % refund for your entire event.

Only the following events are eligible for applying to the FlexiPack, granting you the right to 100 % refund of the full event:

  1. You must have purchased the FlexiPack for your event and have it confirmed by us by March 31st 2022.
  2. Your event must be considered a package booking, which means you have booked at least one activity and accommodation through us.
  3. Your event must be considered COVID-19 affected, which is defined as having at least one of the following conditions in place: a. The borders of the country for your destination are closed, meaning you cannot enter the country as a foreign national or only enter the country with quarantine. b. Your government has put in place a restriction to travelling to your destination for leisure purposes. This does not include recommendations not to travel. c. The government of the home country of the person who made the booking has announced a mandatory quarantine upon returning home from your destination. This does only include a quarantine due to traveling abroad to your destination, not general regional or national quarantine. It also does not include recommended quarantine.
  4. You must request your cancellation free of charge latest 10 days before arrival, if you want to make use of your FlexiPack rights.
  5. To be clear, if you are able to travel freely with the only restriction being that you are vaccinated and/or have a negative test, your booking does not count as affected by COVID and you are not eligible for a refund

What if the 100% refund guarantee does not apply to my booking?

If the wedding is postponed or your trip for any other reason is affected by COVID, even if the above conditions do not apply, we will do our utmost to postpone your trip to a later date - or indefinitely if you don’t have the dates yet. In most cases, it will be possible to do without any fees.

If there’s restrictions on your planned destination, we can move you to another city without any fees (although the prices of events or accommodation may be different).

What should you do now...

  1. Serious about your Stag Do? Want to take yours to the next level? We have 21 years experience organizing legendary stag parties for more than 200.000 guests. We can help you too, just Ask for a free consultation.

  2. Find Inspiration & Tips online Take a look at our Stag do ideas, our destination ideas or our activity ideas guide

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