Effects of the war in Ukraine

How will the war in Ukraine impact my event?

Information on how you stand regarding your planned event

Can I cancel if war breaks out in a destination I have planned to travel to?

Yes, if war breaks out or your destination is considered a conflict zone and travel to the destination is not recommended by your country’s government, you will be able to cancel your event or stag do free of charge. We, as well as all EU countries’ foreign ministries and political and military experts, find it very unlikely that the situation will escalate to directly affect any of the destinations in which we operate. All destinations we serve are members of NATO, except for Austria, which holds a Partnership for Peace status but is a member of the EU.

I am worried about traveling. Can I cancel?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you to cancel free of charge unless there is a direct reason for it. Our standard terms and conditions apply or you can check with your travel insurance. We DO however, offer concerned travelers the option to discuss their trip with us, and depending on your individual circumstances, we may be able to offer you to change your dates or even your destination. Reach out to your account manager to discuss the specifics if this concerns you.

One of our group members is Ukrainian and has to cancel. What can we do?

Pissup Tours fully support the Ukrainian struggle. If any of your group members are Ukrainian and have to go to Ukraine, are financially unable to attend the event now or are in any other way affected, we offer these specific people the opportunity to cancel free of charge.

We are also happy to be of further assistance, so if any group members are facing family issues or need to seek refuge, reach out and we have a setup ready to help in various countries.

What is Pissup doing towards the situation?

At Pissup we are deeply affected by the ongoing invasion. We have many staff members who are Ukrainians themselves or have family members or friends who are Ukrainian. We support their struggle as best we can. Here are some of our initiatives:

  1. We actively support all Ukrainian refugees and offer transport from the border as well as lodging, food, clothes etc. completely free of charge. Any who are in need should reach out to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP to help you with anything you need.

  2. We support the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine by donating 1 % of our profits to registered organizations. Our options to donate are limited by the fact that we are still recovering from 2 years of heavy Covid-19 losses and have to repay a lot of Covid-19 debt, but we donate what we can. For a full overview of what we have done so far, see here.

  3. All staff at Pissup are allowed to take as much time as they need to help family members or friends. Furthermore, if any Pissup staff wants to take time to do voluntary work to assist with humanitarian efforts, this is given without question and will not be deducted from their holidays. All staff get full pay during this time. This also means you may experience a delay in response from us, but we try our best to juggle work and war support.

We believe the current situation is historically serious and is more important than anything else we can do. We will survive and still be here on the other side, ready to do what we do best: help raise spirits by throwing one hell of a party!

Мир 🙏🕊

Sincerely, The Pissup Team

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