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110 m Action Jump in Bratislava

110 m Action Jump in Bratislava

What's Included

  • A local English-speaking guide
  • Private transport
  • Professional Instructor
  • All safety equipment
  • 110 m jump
  • Overview

Think you're hard enough to jump? Absolute adrenaline!

Our Action jump is much better than bungee jumping - you get a longer free fall (3,8 seconds), and the breaking force's impact on the jumper is minimized compared to bungee jumping for a much smoother will be just as you imagined it from watching extreme jumps in movies (think Pierce Brosnan in 'Goldeneye').

Calling all you adrenaline-junkies out there, if you need a kick then action jump in Bratislava is he one for you. There's nothing better than stepping out and then jumping into the abyss...well, unless you've got vertigo. But if you have what an awesome way to conquer your fear of heights!

All necessary equipment provided on the spot. Safety instructions first. Then each person gets to jump from the highest object for jumping in Slovakia - the "Action Tower", a 110 m high chimney. Transport time from the centre is about 30 minutes.

If you fancy more adrenaline-kicks, then book our Bratislava shooting activity and try out some heavy artillery in a top range with ex-army guys showing you how to work the weapons!

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