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Bikini Jelly Wrestling in Bratislava

Bikini Jelly Wrestling in Bratislava

What's Included

  • Reserved Private Area
  • 2 Sexy Wrestlers
  • Girls Only Show (2 Rounds)
  • Girls vs Stag (3 Rounds)
  • Shower & Towels
  • Friendly Local Pissup Guide
  • Overview

Bikini Jelly Wrestling – it has to be seen to be believed!

Want a truly unique experience on your Bratislava stag weekend? Book our bikini jelly wrestling activity, and you won’t be dissapointed. You will get to see two sexy girls get down and dirty in a pool filled with jelly. There will be five rounds in total. First there will be two rounds of “Girl Only” action. After that things will get cranked up a notch: the stag himself will go three rounds head-to-head (or head to breast?) wrestling with the girls.

A friendly local guide will collect you from your hotel and take you to the venue – typically a private area in a bar, located in central Bratislava. There will be a shower and towels available for the stag after his two rounds of wrestling with the girls.

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