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Premium Paintball in Bratislava

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Premium Paintball in Bratislava

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On The Paintball Field, Every Step Is A Calculated Move, And Every Shot Counts!

Gear up, boys; let's go paintballing in Bratislava. Pissup's exciting premium stag party paintball package is one you don't want to miss. Book today.

Everyone loves a good game of paintball, but our exclusive package takes things to a whole new level. Enjoy 120 minutes of realistic combat action, including M4 like riffles loaded with real mags, nailbiting games such as bomb defuse with some natural features to add to the experience, and an extra fun scenario at the end which involves the stag acting as a guinea pig and the whole party will get the chance to hunt him down and destroy him.

It's all to come with our pro paintball package in the Slovakian capital!

What To Expect

We'll send one of our drivers along with a guide to your hotel on the day of the activity to pick you up in a minivan and take you to the paintball arena. It's a little bit outside of the centre and in a confusing location, so locating it would be tricky if you don't know the area.

Before any shooting takes place, your group will have to go through a full safety briefing that will go through the dos and don'ts, how to shoot the guns and some tricks that will help you take down your enemies.

All the guns you'll be using at similar to M4 assault rifles with real mags to make you feel like you're actually in a war zone.

Some of the games you'll be playing are like real life scenarios that those go through in the military, like bomb defusing, special objectives and domination rounds. Everyones favourite is the hunter mission which involves your stag getting dressed up in a ridiculous costume like a prisoner or a bunny rabbit, and he has to hide around the field while the whole group hunts him down and shoots him.

After the 2 hours are up, everyone will get a nice ice cold Slovakian beer on the house, and then you'll be brought back to Bratislava.

If you want, we can add a couple of scenarios to the game, like Mini Tank or SWAT vehicle scenarios, for extra; please let us know in advance if you're interested.

Would you like to keep the fun going? Well, our Partyslava activity might just be the one for you. Link up with one of our guides in the city for a fun filled evening, including lots of beer and shots and visits to a strip club and a nightclub; pure chaos we know that you'll love.

Add Ons Your Stag Will Surely Enjoy

  • Mini tank scenario
  • SWAT vehicle scenario
  • Mini tank driving

What can you add?

Mini Tank scenario
SWAT vehicle scenario
Mini Tank driving

Premium Paintball in Bratislava

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Gear up, boys; let's go paintballing in Bratislava. Pissup's exciting premium stag party paintball package is one you don't want to miss. Book today.

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The paintball and steak and strip were brilliant, everyone enjoyed it.

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