Steak & Unlimited Beer Bratislava

Steak & Unlimited Beer in Bratislava

Steak & Unlimited Beer in Bratislava

What's Included

  • Rib-eye Steak & Chips
  • Unlimited Beer for 1 Hour
  • Friendly Local Pissup Guide
  • Table Reservation
  • Overview

Steak & Unlimited Beer - beer and red meat - what more do you need to kick start your kick a-- Bratislava stag?!

As a warm up to your P-ssup in Bratislava, you can't go wrong with UNLIMITED BEER and a delicious steak dinner. Get a delicious dinner inside you before you hit the town - so you'll have the stamina to party all night long.

Time to get hammered - book today!

How it Works

Your guide will pick up the group up from your hotel, and takes you to a nice pub in the city centre, where you will have a reserved table for dinner.

Each person will get a main course of a juicy Rib-eye steak with chips, and unlimited beer for the first hour.

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