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Virtual Reality Game in Brussels

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Virtual Reality Game in Brussels

What's Included
  • 30 min. Virtual Reality Experience
  • 30 min. Free-roam VR time
  • VR Equipment
  • 2 drinks per person
Virtual Reality

Why Shouldn't People Be Able To Teleport Wherever They Want?

Virtual reality is a hot topic on everyone's lips right now. Come experience it for yourselves through an immersive VR game in Brussels for a stag do today!

Choose between four exciting adventures and roam through three rooms to take on a challenge in each one. This is really going to put some of your friendships to work, lads.

What Do The Options Involve?

The Hallow - Throw yourselves into a magical world back in the 19th century to seek out a mysterious magician who has a weird plan up his sleeve.

Nano Clash - A group of ruthless soldiers have taken over an Android headquarters, and they have planted a bomb there. Your group will be transported into the future and forced to choose a side. Will you pick the bad guys or the good guys?

Nano Clash XL - Similar to Nano Clash on a much larger scale and equally as fun.

De Mol - Fly to New Zealand over breathtaking landscapes in search of De Mol. Tackle challenges in the hope of winning some money, but you'll have one problem, one of your teammates is out to ruin everything for you, so you have to decide which one it is, or else you'll get nothing. Which one do you think is the most cunning?

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • You'll spend 30 minutes doing an intro game and another 30 minutes for the actual VR game.
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