Bar Guide Disco Bus in Budapest
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Bar Guide Disco Bus in Budapest

What's included

  • Bar Guide Party Bus
  • Guide
  • 3 Hours
  • Around city with Bar Stops
  • 4 beers each on bus
  • 1 bottle palinka
  • 1 bottle bubbly.
  • 1 stripper for 1 show.


EXCLUSIVE TO PISSUP – Disco Bus Budapest!

No one else can offer this ultimate nightclub on wheels. Do not compare this to cheap imitations. This is 4 hours of mobile hedonism and is the ideal way to get warmed up for for a big night out in the capital city of Hungary.

This activity has it all. Bar stops, a bottle of palinka (hardcore!), flowing bubbly to sip whilst watching a Hungarian beauty spin around a pole! Your disco on wheels takes you from bar to bar as you get to see the hottest hangouts in the Hungarian capital.

The whole tour will last 3 hours, and alongside the bottle of bubbly and palinka you’ll each get 4 beers onboard the bus.

  • The bus in photo may differ in size depending on size of your group.
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