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Body Sushi in Budapest

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Body Sushi in Budapest

What's Included
  • Female stripper
  • 1 portion Sushi
  • Pissup Guide
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Body Sushi

A Balanced Diet Is A Sushi Roll In Each Hand!

Eat like a king...or a Japanese Emperor - as you sample delicious sushi off a naked woman! Book our exotic Budapest stag do body sushi activity today.

Do you think the groom to be would fancy trying some delicious sushi…eaten off the body of a hot Hungarian girl? What lad wouldn’t like getting up close and personal with a beauty like this? Feel like a Japanese Emperor for the night as you eat countless pieces of freshly prepared sushi off a special kind of – hot girl – plate. This is what you’ll be talking about for years to come: every time you see sushi on the menu, your mind will be jogged back to this special experience!

What To Expect

We'll be in touch with you beforehand to determine whether you want to enjoy the sushi eating experience in your hotel or a selected pub situated in the city centre. You choose where you want your feast; our model won't mind.

This special feast will be better than any other you've ever had before. Picture the table with a naked hottie lying down as she dresses herself in your favourite sushi bites. Grab yourselves some chopsticks and dig in, boys. No doubt there will be some giggles and chuckles among you all, as well as some tingles of excitement.

After your feed, our model has places to be and people to see, so she'll wave you, lads, goodbye and then the rest of the evening open for you boys to get up to some mischief. After your teasing ordeal, we can arrange for our party bus to come to where your group is and pick you up and spin you around the city in style. Dance to your favourite tunes on the mini dance floor while getting messed up alongside your mates. Of course, we can bring you to see some sights along the way if you like, but we know you'd be more interested in getting hammered.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • If you choose to do the sushi experience in a pub, each of you will have to buy a minimum of two drinks, which can be anything from soft drinks to beers.

What can you add?

+unlimited beer and wine (spritz)
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