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Football Match Tickets in Budapest

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Football Match Tickets in Budapest

What's Included
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Let's Hope You Get To See A Hat Trick!

Get your hands on a set of tickets for an exciting football match in Budapest with an unbeatable atmosphere your stag will surely enjoy.

See why Hungarian football matches are known worldwide for their incredible atmosphere and filled with emotion like you've never seen before. Watch the ultras cheer on their teams and sing along to the team's songs. While you might not have a jersey, you'll still be brought into the fold by the dedicated fans who want their team to be the best in the world.

What To Expect

We'll arrange for your group VIP sector football match tickets to watch the local team play. You'll be sent them before kick-off, so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

You have two options to choose from, either the VIP cheap package or the VIP with food and drinks. Please let us know beforehand so we can organize the package for your bachelor party. To have the best possible time, we recommend you buy the VIP package with food and drinks; some of the perks with it are unbelievable!

On the day of the match, show up a little bit before kick-off, so you can find your seats and get comfortable for the big game ahead.

Like all football matches, the game will last for 90 minutes with a 15 minute break at half time, where you can pick up your food and drinks if you've chosen that package. The fan's enthusiasm won't stop there; you'll be able to hear them roar all throughout the stadium in the hope of influencing the game in whatever way they can.

Once the final whistle is blown, hopefully, Budapest have come out on top. You'll then be free to celebrate the win in whatever way you'd like. Most locals hit the clubs in the capital, so why not join them? We can arrange for you to get complimentary entry and skip the line access into one of the main nightlife venues if you'd be interested. Come on, boys, you're only in Budapest once after all, right?

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Make sure to do your research on the team's schedule in advance to get your hands on the tickets you want.
  • Tickets are only available for match days, so you cant pick and choose, unfortunately.
  • There's only two options for those without a personalised fan club card for in person on the spot, VIP cheap or VIP with food and drinks. Choose whatever package suits you and your budget. You may as well splash while you can!
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