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Goulash + Beers in Budapest

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Goulash + Beers in Budapest

What's Included
  • 1 portion Goulash
  • 2 glasses Beer
  • Table reservation
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Did Someone Say Goulash?

Taste some Hungarian goulash in Budapest along with some ice cold beers for a stag do today. It's the perfect way to dip your toes into the country's cuisine.

If you have never tried some traditional goulash, you boys are in for a treat. Goulash is a red soup filled with a variety of meats, vegetables, and tomato paste that's seasoned with a range of spices, including paprika. Let us take you to a restaurant that serves a delicious goulash, where we'll organize a table reservation, a couple of beers, and of course a nice portion of the popular dish.

This is a lovely way to start your bachelor weekend away in Budapest.

What To Expect

Head over to the centrally located restaurant, where we'll have a table reserved with your names on it. Upon arriving, you'll be shown to your seats and given a little explanation of what you're going to be eating.

Once the group is settled, your first of two local beers will be served. The second can be ordered whenever you feel up for it. Of course, if two beers aren't enough for you, you can buy more.

Now it's time for the main event. Your goulash is served. Dig in, lads. Take your time eating to get a real taste of the explosive flavours. We won't be surprised if you want to order more.

Your meal will last around 60 minutes, depending on how fast everyone eats. Our Beer Rafting is often purchased after the goulash feast. Experience a Rafting Session down the city's famous river, the Danube, while enjoying the riverside sights and some beers with those closest to your stag.

Add Ons To Make Your Stag's Experience More Enjoyable

  • Organize to have unlimited beer served during the meal. That could be extremely dangerous.
  • Have a dwarf appear unexpectedly at the table to give the groom a strip show he'll never forget for all the wrong reasons.
  • This activity requires at least four people to take place. 

Other Options

Goulash And Strip In Budapest Including 2 Strippers

Goulash And Strip In Budapest Including 2 Strippers

  • 2 Female Strippers
  • 1 portion Goulash
  • 2 glasses Beer
  • Table reservation

What can you add?

+unlimited beer in pub
+Dwarf strip
+Female Stripper
+Lesbo-show (2 female strippers performing)
+Fat Surprise (mixed strip performance)
+Roly poly as added entertainment
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